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Mob Psycho 100 s2 – Growing Up

  Genre : Action, comedy, supernatural, urban fantasy, science fiction. Episodes: 13 Studio: Bones   You know what’s tricky? Navigating that confusing time between childhood and adulthood. Especially if you grew up as a bit of a loner. Feeling outcast and different all the time. And that type of isolation can cut deep. Loneliness can get...


Dr. Stone Episode 22 – Cringy

I am so happy it’s Friday! It’s so cold outside. I plan to snuggle up in the fluffiest blankie I can find get some yummy food and just cocoon this weekend. I’ve been dreaming about this weekend all day and Dr, Stone was a great way to start it!


Dr. Stone Episode 21 – Warm Wishes

I have said in the past that I like Christmas a lot but I’m not crazy about Christmas episodes. Not sure why. They just rarely end up entertaining me. But this one, it really snuck up on me there. Airing it in November was a nice touch too. So how do I feel about Christmas...


My Hero Academia s4 ep68 – I Want to Be Strong

I’ve never spoken about this before but did you guys know that Crow is the one that adds in all the links in these posts? Even when I’m the one hosting, Crow just goes through my paragraphs and adds all the relevant links without ever being asked and without ever even mentioning anything. He just...


Dr. Stone Episode 20 – Sweet and Fluffy

Right now Dr. Stone is sneaking up on me. I know that I enjoy the show, I consistently have fun watching it and when an episode ends I start looking forward to the next. And yet, it’s as if I suffer from some weird form of anime amnesia (animesia?) and every Friday I’m yet again...