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Dr. Stone Episode 19 – Tsukasa the Beloved

On Fridays I watch Dr. Stone and Fire Force so this Friday was just chalk full of Fire and Fury! I’m not sure if it’s a weird combo. I feel like not that many people are watching both of these even if they do have a lot of elements in common. I went off on...


Mob Psycho 100 s1 – The New Guard

  Genre : Action, comedy, supernatural, urban fantasy, science fiction. Episodes: 12 Studio: Bones   Being a teenager is hard. Your body does all sorts of crazy things, your hormones go wild. And you’re supposed to figure out who you are through all that? How is that a reasonable plan? And what if there’s a chance...


My Hero Academia s4 ep66 – Looming Darkness

  Halloween is just around the corner and although this episode of My Hero Academia may have seemed fairly cheerful on the surface, there is a darkness brewing that is slowly starting to weigh everything down… I just hopped right into it there. Whew, must be getting excited. Sorry about that. I had another good...