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Top 5 Love Them or Hate Them Anime

You know how once in a while an anime comes along that you just can’t quite gauge. You can easily imagine someone calling it a masterpiece or a piece of trash and both are just as justifiable. There are a few titles like that, where I seem to hear both extremes and I always find...


Top 5 Anime to Heal a Broken Heart

Did you have fun on St Valentine’s Day last week? I bet you did! Everyone is on their best behavior for…some reason. Man, people are so easy to trick! But now it’s over and done with, the chocolate has gotten stale and your sweetie is right back to normal. For the lucky ones that means...


School Days

Genre: Romance(?), drama, harem, school Episodes: 12 Studio: TNK   Makoto is an ordinary high school student with an ordinary high school student crush on the hot girl he sees on the bus, Kotonoha. Like most ordinary high school boys he clumsily attempts to get to know her and maybe even get her to like him, and...