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Top 5 Things I Like in an Anime Review

I should specify these are things that I like in anime reviews not things that you should put in anime reviews or things that other people like. It’s telling that I don’t even include most of these in my own reviews because… reasons. I’m a bit of an odd duck and there are just some...


I Don’t Know How to Feel About the Use of Anime in Advertising

I was about to call this post “anime bating” then I realized that sounded way to serious and important for what I had in mind. Instead I went the light novel route. I’m not sure it works either. I hope I figure out the secret of the perfect post title some day… You can blame...


When Anime Fans Are Right in the Worst Way…

There’s a couple of dumb debates rating on Twitter right now, because…well *Twitter*. It’s the same old story. Insert popular anime name here is sexist, racist, promotes violence and/or bad behaviour. It doesn’t even matter when I chose to publish this post it will be completely true no matter the season.


The Promised Neverland Nitpicking – Does Episode 12 Work?

Oh noes! It’s season’s end and I suddenly find myself without a Sunday episode post for you guys. Luckily, The Promise Neverland is the gift that keeps on giving. So I get to milk this amazing anime for content at least one more time! Probably a dozen more times n the future, at least!