I’m really starting to look forward to week 19. I Don’t exactly understand what the “question” means but the word favorite is not in there. Ok let’s talk about witches. That’s Halloweeney!

  1. Your Favorite Teen Meister
  2. Your Least Favorite Teen Meister
  3. Your Favorite Teen Weapon
  4. Your Least Favorite Teen Weapon
  5. Your Favorite Adult Meister
  6. Your Least Favorite Adult Meister
  7. Your favorite Adult Weapon
  8. Your Least favorite Adult Weapon
  9. Your Favorite Witch
  10. Your Least Favorite Witch
  11. Your Favorite Class
  12. Your Favorite Outfit
  13. Your Favorite Pairing
  14. Your Least Favorite Pairing
  15. Your Favorite Crack Pairing
  16. Your Least Favorite Crack Pairing
  17. Your Favorite Scene
  18. Your Least Favorite Scene
  19. Crossover
  20. Your Favorite Opening
  21. Your Least Favorite Opening
  22. Your Favorite Ending
  23. Your Least Favorite Ending
  25. Moon or Sun?
  26. Fool! / BAKA!
  27. Lord Death
  28. If You Met Your All Time Favorite Character
  29. Chibi Time?
  30. A Message To Atsushi Ohkubo
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Think I could pull off this look?

Your Favorite Witch

I get what Stein sees in Medusa and it’s perhaps my attachment to the former that makes me unable to pick her. Keep your hands of him…witch… So my favorite witch is Eruka!

Aside from being absolutely adorable and always a wonderful cosplay option, Eruka is one of the most balanced antagonists in the series. One of the underlying themes in Soul Eater (discussed in much more detail in the manga) is that witches are born that way. They have little choice in the matter. Although most grow up to be rather malicious, it is still generally unfair for the DWMA to hunt them down indiscriminately. In the end, they are often just defending themselves. Eruka is a great example of this. She is a witch and shares their predilection for chaos and destruction but in general she’s just trying to do what she can in a bad situation. I defy you to make a logical case for true evil intent on her part.

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now that’s a Halloween costume!

Eruka Frog’s powers are, much like her passive personality, not all that impressive but effective. She has a tadpole bomb and can transform into a frog to go with her animal motif. She can also disguise her soul and wavelength, like a lot of witches, to avoid detection. However, her most interesting spell is Calculation. C’mon, women who are good at math are always hot. And she’s not just good, she’s masterful. She can craft algebra so elaborate it folds spacetime allowing for teleportation. She can pinpoint locations within almost nonexistent margin of error and predict multiple trajectories within seconds making her an invaluable asset in any assault operation.

Image result for soul eater eruka
Not so much menacing s adorable…

And to me, Eruka is just one of the most relatable characters in the show. Well the show is full of weirdos and heroes (and heroic weirdos) so really the competition wasn’t exactly fierce. This said Eruka is a competent but otherwise unimpressive. She’s logical and careful but not a genius. She’s openly cowardly but large angles of death are trying to kill her so it’s not an unreasonable stance. She can recognize a losing situation and knows how to play her cards.

Image result for soul eater eruka
I’ve had those days at work

Unlike other witches, Eruka has shown herself to be loyal to her friends and remorseful in certain situations. She cares for herself first and likes to cause destruction but isn’t fond of inflicting pain. If I had to pick a witch friend it would be her. Why not Angela? Because we can’t go out for a drink. Although Angela does come with super hot Mifune, so let me start this post over again.

Image result for soul eater angela
like I was saying, go Angela

Suggested drink: Tadpole

  • Every time Eureka protects Jackson – take a sip
  • Every time Medusa abuses Eureka – take a sip
  • Every time Eureka turns into a frog – take  sip
  • Every time Eureka reacts resonably to battles (cowers) – take a sip
  • Every time Eureka creates an eplosie – take a sip
  • Every time Eureka says geko – take a sip

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3 thoughts

  1. I had originally considered her a coward when I first read through the series, but her caution is definitely justified considering how witches are normally hunted down left and right.

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