I should specify these are things that I like in anime reviews not things that you should put in anime reviews or things that other people like. It’s telling that I don’t even include most of these in my own reviews because… reasons.

I’m a bit of an odd duck and there are just some things that I like to see when I read anime reviews that not everyone includes. I just thought it might be fun to share them with you.

anime crossover
I would watch it

5. Comparisons to other anime

I’ve actually warned against doing this. I mean if the reader hasn’t seen that other anime it’s just wasted words and even if they have, they might not have gotten the same thing from it. It’s really something to do at your own risk when you review one show by comparing and contrasting it to another.

And yet I always love to read abut two shows getting compared. Even when I don’t see the similarities. Heck, even when I haven’t watched either show… My brain gets comforted when things are grouped together I do acknowledge however that is most likely insane so I try not to do it too much in my own reviews. Besides, experience has taught me that most people don’t see what I see.

natsume yuujinchou
How can I pick just one?

4. Favourite Moments

Whether it’s in a particular episode or in an entire season of anime, I love to know what moment stood out in the reviewers mind. I think these types of little tidbits are really what gives me the best idea of what I can expect out of a show, it also gives me a lot of insight into the reviewer and weather our tastes are likely to align.

This is actually a fairly difficult feature to incorporate. It can be oddly difficult to remember exactly what you loved in a show when you’re put on the spot and it’s not unusual for people to draw a blank. On the other hand, it can also be really though to narrow it down to just one or two things.

It’s a fine art and not a lot of people have mastered it.

I have to find a different anime about anime production

3. Production background

I really love to learn about the nuts and bolts of anime. What the director has done before, what techniques were used and why, how staffing or budget affected the final product. Obviously this information isn’t always easy to come by and is not at all necessary for a review so I really don’t blame people for not integrating it.

I never do so myself which is why I always appreciate when fellow reviewers have gone the extra mile! I find that these little details can make me discover entire new aspects of series I would have missed otherwise.

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2. Screencaps

OK so this one I do manage to integrate into my reviews. Arguably a bit too enthusiastically. But you know what they say, an image is worth a thousand words and my reviews are epic novels! Fact is, although it’s not at all the only thing that matters, I do care what an anime looks like. It doesn’t necessarily have to be pretty mind you, but visuals are important to me and there’s no better way to get those across than screencaps.

In fact, when I read a review of an anime that sounds interesting, the first thing I do is a google image search of the show to get the best possible idea of what it looks like. If I can get all of that info in one easy place, then I’m thrilled. This said, I think I’m the only one who is this excited about screencaps.

yup – been there

1. Personal Impact

Let’s face it, I can look up just about any anime on AniList or Mal and get a slew of reviews along with a handy dandy little number indicator. But that’s not what makes a review fun to read. It’s also not a great way for me to pick my next anime. What I really want to know from a reviewer is what the anime made them feel, what it made them think about, how the experience affected them personally.

See that’s a bit of information that is absolutely unique to each reviewer and cannot be reproduced by anyone else. Sure I can go see what hundreds of fans thought about some random series on a scale of 1 to 10 but at the end of the day, that’s pretty shallow information. And I happen to love some really badly rated shows and have been utterly bored by some considered masterpieces.

So there you go, these are 5 things that I personally always enjoy seeing in anime reviews. I find that these elements are both enjoyable to read about and that they tend to give me a good base to get an idea about a show I have never seen.

Is there anything you like to see in anime reviews? How about anything that you like to include in your own reviews? And why?

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  1. I love your screencaps! The visual and how the animation looks like are important to me if I am to decide whether to pick up a series or not. There isn’t much to draw from the anime poster alone. So I really appreciate it when reviewers put screencaps of the anime in their reviews. It gives me at least an idea on what to expect on the animation.

  2. Interesting things to note! I like how you included personal impact as well as the things you like in a review. It makes the read more meaningful and human rather than robotic (oh yeah, I liked it bc of *insert technical stuff*).

    I agree with screencaps too in a review, it makes it more visual and colorful rather than monotonous. Also helps to give the reader an idea of what it’s like!

  3. Not to be crass, but I really appreciate it when a reviewer is honest enough to sometimes cut to the chase: tell me that a show just isn’t worth the time, or that its characters are too stereotyped to be seen as authentic individuals. I only review shows that I like, but even I mention weak points. A simple “don’t bother” from a reviewer whom I respect can save me time I didn’t have to begin with. . .

    1. Generally speaking the anime community can be harsh on more critical reviews but I agree with you. Even if it’s a show I love, if a reviewer felt the opposite I am interested in knowing why

  4. I’ve done all but no2 in my reviews and one day i do wish to change that.

  5. *taking notes as well* Hahah!

    For real, this was a great list. I do my best to have comparisons and personal impact elements. I also like finding out random trivia which is why I have a fun facts section in my reviews.

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