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Top 5 Characters I Like That Are Horrible People

I am well aware that I have terrible terrible TERRIBLE tastes in anime um…friends…Wait no I don’t mean you guys. I mean the anime characters I like are just not that great. Sure, I love a good hero but my head always turns for a great villain. Or a troll. I can’t seem to resist...


Friday Hunt – Hunter X Hunter challenge week 3

There are a LOT of favorites on this list. Hunter x Hunter has roughly a gadgillion characters and I’m not entirely sure which ones can be called “supporting” so I’m just going to assume it means anyone who’s not part of the fab four. How did you find HxH? Favorite main character Favorite supporting character...


Top Anime Dream Daddies

Just like every other person in the world, I recently finished playing Dream Daddy and it got me thinking about dads in general. I’ve mentioned before that I have a soft spot for father characters in anime, especially good dads, and since I don’t have the patience to wait until June 17, 2018 (that’s father’s day here),...