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In Defence of Nitpicking Anime

Once in a while I post random screencaps I have taken, to twitter without context. It’s a fun little game. What can I say, I’m easily entertained! Since I watched Land of the Lustrous recently, I was posting caps from that show and posted one of Cinnabar blushing. This one to be precise: Cute pic!...


Ao Haru Ride – Learning to Love Again

  Genre:  Romance, Drama Episodes: 12 Studio: Production I.G.   With love comes a window of opportunity to pursue it. What happens when you wait too long, and you suddenly find that window has closed? Romance can often be unfortunate like that, but other times luck is in your favor. What happens when that window...


Aniblogging vs Mainstream (Anime Award Edition)

Each year anime fans celebrate their media of choice by holding awards for their favourites. I don’t really follow award shows because my tastes tend to be a bit out there. I also watch most anime after they’ve aired so I usually have only seen a couple of titles by the time the awards roll...


The Origins of Weeaboo

I’ve never had much first hand contact with the term “weeaboo”. I learned it from an anime loving friend who used it more like a term of endearment. Something like, let’s hang out this weekend and do some weeaboo stuff… except it was another word starting with “s”. Super sweet kid but a total potty...


Boogiepop Doesn’t Laugh and Neither did I

***Editing Irina here – it’s April 5th and it’s definitely snowing here. In your face BoogiePop!*** Well, Boogiepop has come and gone. Although this was yet another anti-climatic ending, it was at least a comprehensible one… Way to set that bar just a millimeter off the ground. Shania is hosting our last episode review, so look...


BoogiePop and Others Ep. 12-15 with Shania

BoogiePop’s messy release schedule was driving me just a little nuts so I did the most reasonable thing possible and drove Shania a little nuts too. The results! We are almost caught up! Here’s everything that happened before this Friday! There Shall Be Spoilers!