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The Pet Girl of Sakurasou was a Sweet but Uncomfortable Experience

Did you want to live on campus when you went to high school? I did. It sounds so awesome! Being able to pack your things up and get a bit of independence and freedom in your highschool days but without all the responsibility of paying rent or doing everything for yourself. It’s the perfect compromise....


Re:Zero 2 episode 11 (36) – Fridge Horror

I’m not sure how I’m going to go about this one. I have very mixed feelings about this episode. Not very strong feelings mind you. I started out not liking it. I know the fans of this series are pretty protective and I’m bound to get a comment or two. That’s fine, it’s all good...


The World God Only Knows and the Dubious Divinity of 2D

  Genre : Harem, comedy, supernatural, romance, some action Episodes s1: 12 Episodes s2: 12 OVAs: 4 Episodes s3 Goddesses: 12 Studio: Manglobe   The real world is just a mess! People react in random unpredictable ways instead of how they are supposed to with the appropriate triggers, events are all over the place and...