This season Crow and I are collaborating on: Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? III episode reviews. If you want to, it would be great if you go read our review post over on Crow’s site.

Now this here is my Gallery post. Originally I started doing gallery posts because I was reviewing episodes over on 100-word anime and I didn’t want to completely clog up the media library with my tons of screencaps so I just dumped them all in a post over on my blog. Back then, It was literally just a picture post. And because I don’t have much to say about the visuals or production of IIWTTTPUGIAD I figured I could bring that back.

I just found out that Finn is actually shorter than me. Often when anime characters are portrayed as short (like Hinata for example), I look it up and they are taller than me which is annoying. But Finn is 3’11”. Why do I like him more now?

I like how the background characters of IIWTTTPUGIAD are all just the plainest possible. It’s almost impressive!

I love Hephaestus’ character design. I really wish we saw more of her. I realize now that she actually looks a bit like Asfi. I was just about to mention that I like Asfi’s design as well. Seems like I have a type…

I really love that screencap of Lili. I think she’s one of the most adorable characters but she hasn’t had much chance to shine this season. That’s why I get excited whenever I manage a good screencap of her.

And even though I’ve now had 9 episodes to get used to it, Lyd’s lack of mouth movement when he talks still kind of freaks me out. That sounds extreme. But it’s weird… I do love Lyd as a character though. He’s also adorable in his own way.

I’m just going to take the opportunity to plug Crow’s blog again! If you haven’t read our review, it would be great if you would if you have time!


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