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Build A Beastars Character: (Scott the Crow)

The following is written by my friend Scott – I’m in bold below. I also wrote a post for his blog here! Netflix taking anime from us and posting it later is mean guys. No seriously, it is. First Carole and Tuesday was taken and now we had to wait until recently to watch Beastars?...


Tags I got on March 23rd – Neat Sunshine!

You know how it goes, when it rains, it pours. I got really behind on answering these posts and for a while people stopped tagging me which made me sad so now I’m going to try to keep up…more or less. And just as I made this resolution I got not one but three tags...


Top 5 Anime Activities I Want to Do

There are a number of things I see regularly in anime that I wish I could take part in myself. Not fantasy things like piloting giant robots or appearing in another world where I am apparently the most attractive person ever. And I’m already a Magical Girl so that’s off the list. I’m talking about...


I Might Be A Secret Magical Girl

At least I think so… No no wait! Hear me out…I know how this sounds! I really do! But I have reasons for thinking this. Logical ones. And no I didn’t slip on our very icy sidewalks and hit my head hard!


Give it A Light Novel Title Challenge!

Do you guys follow Shallow Dives in Anime? I do. I don’t know if I’ve given Dewbond a proper shout out on this blog and if not, that’s my bad as it’s a blog I can consistently count on for entertaining posts and that’s saying a lot! I’m always happy to make a little time...


Rokka – Braves of The Six Flowers : well that was Unexpected!

  Genre : Fantasy, adventure, action, mystery, romance Episodes: 12 Studio: Passione   Piena is a land of uncertainty and strife. Sure it’s enjoyed a few decades of peace, prosperity even, but in a land constantly threatened by the potential return of the demon king, a devastating monster that could wipe out humanity in its...


Anime OP and ED Quiz

I know I’m not the only one who enjoys anime ops and eds. This isn’t a cutesy way to start the post, I’m actually sure as in I know it. People constantly post about their favourites. I recently came across a YouTube video that quizzes you with a series of OP clips. I really had...


To Be Or Not To Be A Hero

  Genre: Comedy, adventure, heart squeezes, fatherhood, potty humour,  Episodes: 12 Studio: Haoliners Animation League   Every father is a hero. At least to one person. Every daddy is a tower of strength that chases away the nightmares and keeps all the bad guys at bay. Whether they actually deserve the title or not, at...


Avast ye matey – My Pirate Crew

I am so behind on these tags, but I have wanted to do the pirate crew for so long that I couldn’t resist when Nyan tagged me. Besides I’m a pirate at heart. Except for the pillaging and raping and the sailing on the open seas. Also, the fashion doesn’t suit me much and parrots...


What It Truly Takes To Be A Heroine

Genre: Isekai, coming of age, thriller, drama, comedy, adventure, heart squeezes, friendship, potty humour, wow Episodes: 7 Studio: Haoliners Animation League Have you ever fallen in love with a dream? Not in that way you perv! True love. The type that sneaks up on you. The type that can be difficult and frustrating. When that other...