I should warn you, this week’s Harukana Recieve might be a bit more picture intensive than word intensive. I hope this will be ok with all the fans of the show. I promise I’ll make Matt writer more next week. I’m in bold this week, because I AM bold!

Harukana Receive Episode 10
game on!
  • OK Matt, this was a volleyball heavy episode so I may or may not have wandered away from the tv a few times.. They won the game-match-event with the most points-goals-units, right? Go Sport!
  • Tsk. Irina! I thought you’d be all over this episode, not to show my hand too early (that’s a poker reference btw) but I loved this episode probably more than any other since… I’ll shut up now and see if Irina did too!
Harukana Receive Episode 10
my attempt at reviews in pictures
  • At this point even you have to admit those static shots of a corner of sand that linger for a second before we see a ball drop are pretty lazy. It would be more interesting to show us the girls moving around.
  • Come on Irina, animating things is tough! I think I’d settle for static shots of fingers behind butts… uh, by which I mean their signalling of course! Nothing lewd about this comment, ahaha.. Ah… ahem…
  • Sure that too, anything’s better than upper left sand corner and lower left offside. I dunno why they stuck to the left side of the field so much. Probably because the crowd was on the right and that may have required animating. Everybody, please write down that Matt wants to see more CG sand and less jiggling bodies.
  • “I hate sand, it’s coarse and gets everywhere” #prequelmemes #IdonknowwhatImdoing
Harukana Receive Episode 10
Matt has super current humour!
  • Akarin is best girl we need more beachidol. She does seem to be rooting for the title girls though and as manager of the Thomas twins as well, that’s a bit unfair
  • But wasn’t it just so adorable and wholesome when she started singing her ad jingle song to inspire the troops! I swear my heart grew two sizes that day… or something grew two sizes at least.
  • Yes it was. I wrote Best girl is still best girl as a note.


  • Still, I would be really bummed if my team manager was cheering for the other guy though…. Especially if this was a sport I had dedicated my entire life to and the other person just picked it up on a whim a few months ago and was beating me…. I would have cried if I was Claire. I really felt so bad for those poor girls.
Harukana Receive Episode 10
that’s just embarassing
  • I liked this flashback way more than the previous ones we’ve seen in this show.
  • Probably my favourite flashback of the whole season, not that that’s saying much but I think this show could do with a lot more focus which this episode showed it was more than capable of. Did I mention this was my favourite episode already? Because this is my favourite episode, yep even more than Bikini Fashion show episode.


  • Generally, the Thomas twins are just more fun.
  • “Twins are more fun” Geez, Irina, are you advocating incest? Because if so… meet me out back in twenty minutes… Ahem! Move along, nothing to see here!
  • Then again I have a history of enjoying characters who happen to be blond twins whit last names starting by THO…
  • Wait did you say something Matt? I’m going to assume you said nothing.
Harukana Receive Episode 10
what’s that behind me? oh…sand…
  • It was great to see some character development and Emily was an interesting choice for it. Very endearing.
  • By the time this review goes out my Top 10 Waifu List of Summer 2018 anime will be out on my site, so here’s a shameless plug for it, why? Well you just mentioned Emily and, uh… it should be pretty obvious, yeah? T-though don’t be mistaken, she’s not Number 1 or anything, jeez…
  • Go ahead and just put the link in…
Harukana Receive Episode 10
If I remember, I’ll go find that link for you guys
  • I always knew (almost as if sports anime are kinda easy to predict, ooohh~ burn!) that this episode would end in a cliffhanger. Not only did you say last episode that “Eclair” should easily walk away with this victory but my irlwaifu too said there was no way this show could maintain any semblance of being ‘realistic’ unless the Thomas twins won. Do you stand by this opinion or do you think they’ve sewn enough seeds of doubt to have you wonder whether Haruka and Kanata could steal the win?
  • I thought they might go back to the sports genre. If this was a sports anime the twins should win. Sport anime tropes are all about working hard to earn your victory so naturally the team that have been doing this for 10 years will not lose to the team that have been doing it for 2 months. Also the main characters always suffer a few big losses as these make for great character building moments.  This show has been pretty straight forward though, I was pretty sure the girls whose name was in the title would be magically good. Like I said, it’s actually kind of interesting that they chose to develop every character more than the lead so far.
Screen Shot 2018-09-08 at 2.24.53 PM
you’re welcome Matt!
  • In a perfect universe the harder working pair would win, that being Emily and Claire, and even though I’ll Stan for those blonde bombshells, I’m ~kinda~ okay with Haruka and Kanata winning, sure it’s a long shot but it’s obvious they’ve thought long and hard about the tactics their opponents employ. Wow, look at us, talking about actual sports in a sports anime!
  • I’m assuming it’s because neither of us what to think about the horrible thing that must have happened to Grandpa!
  • There’s an unwritten rule about about (some) CGDCT shows that no men should ever appear in the show. Apparently this is one of those shows, like not even a ~single~ person in the audience watching any of these games is male! Talk about a utopian society! I mean, what? I’m totally not a self-loathing male… END REVIEW!
Screen Shot 2018-09-08 at 2.33.17 PM
yeah…smile now, you’re entire youth will be wasted…

I got a few more pics for you guys. I hope you enjoy them!

Aslo here’s Matt’s Waifu post!!! : https://animeqanda.com/2018/09/09/10-best-waifus-of-summer-2018-anime/ 

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  1. You needed to include a film clip – or at least an animated GIF – of the sand not doing anything. That way we could truly experience the action.

  2. “what’s that behind me? oh…sand…”


    Based on your screen caps, they might have filmed this episode on Dune…

  3. If this was a sports show, we’d probably be about 4 cours in, by now. Go back and count the time skips. They skipped pretty much all the training arcs, for example.

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