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5 More Cheap and Easy Halloween Costumes (Countdown to Halloween)

I love to cosplay….in theory. I do like dressing up but I always forget to start working on my consume until a few days before I need it, I don’t want to spend a fortune, I have little makeup skills and negative sewing skills and I need to be comfortable. So you know… I love...


Top 5 Anime Nudist

You guys keep telling me (ok, mostly Fred) that putting more nudity in my posts will draw the readers in. I’m finally listening! It takes me a while to pick up on stuff… This is actually a list that’s been in my post idea folder for a minute. Not because I thought it would be...


Rinshi!! Ekoda-chan Episode 11 – Mini review with Matt

I feel a little guilty. After the questionable puppet interlude Matt was stuck with last week, we have my favorite episode by fa this week. Then again, Matt and I have pretty different tastes so he may have hated it! I think our opinions of this show have largely lined up week-to-week so it should...