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Irina and Crow in Zombieland (Saga) ep3: Guts and Glory

Irina: We are continuing this fun, odd little trip into the genre mashing experiment that is Zombieland Saga. The audience for this show seems rather divided. Crow (crowsworldofanime.com) and I made our first impressions stand pretty clear but let’s see if the enthusiasm keeps up. I generally prefer my cute girl shows to have a...


Irina and Crow in Zombieland (Saga) ep1

It’s October…and well I’m basic so, you know…Zombies…To be fair, I had picked out Zombieland Saga as an interesting series for the season regardless of certain pumpkin themed holidays, so I gave it a go, and here we are! I asked my friend Crow to share this fun trip with me. I had been looking...


Asking for Trouble; My Observations on Cute Girls and Cute Boys

In my time I’ve watched a few CGDCT shows as well as their Cute Boy counterparts and I find the comparisons between the two amusing and occasionally eye opening. I’m not sure how many of you routinely watch both genres. I was curious to see if those that do noticed the same things as me....