Last week, Crow ( decided to veer away from our The Good, The Bad and the Ugly format for a more linear conversational post. I think it helped a lot with the flow. I tend to be a little scattered so some form of post structure is very helpful in allowing me to keep my thoughts in line, but with Crow here to do that for me, I can afford to just go play in a giant sandbox.

But it’s one of those big sandboxes that have a cover to protect the sand when you’re not playing in it. Because, you know, cats. I actually think that came up in an episode of Myriad Colors Phantom World…

Zombieland Saga episode 5
also dogs!

So this week again, we bring you a general conversation on Zombieland Saga, episode 5.

This show seems to be confusing a lot of folks out there, and I really like that about it. This week’s essentially filler episode may have been a stereotypical cute idol side story but they mixed in enough unique zombie quirks to try to give it personality and make it stand out a little. I gotta admit, it worked on me! I really enjoyed this episode. How about you Crow?

This episode had me laughing more than any of the previous episodes. Seeing Sakura faceplant in the mud was so funny I almost felt guilty about laughing at her. Yuugiri’s ridiculously graceful rope work was beautiful to behold. And I have to give Tae credit for the most amazing treatment of a mascot chicken and for giving it her all in the rope jump. Truly a high point in anime this week!

Also, should I stop giving away the punch line at the beginning of my posts?

And give up a great hook? Good point!

Zombieland Saga episode 5
is it just me or do baguettes make people seem evil?

I swear I was completely sober when I watched this…manager did not bother me at all this week. I think he toned down a bit and the girls’ constant abuse of him makes me giggle. (I’m a bad person)

I really liked his odd couple routine with Saki. They actually make a pretty great team when they happen to be on the same side!

Did their mutual excitement remind you of Ikoma and Takumi geeking out over the first successful use of the new gun they’d developed in Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress? I haven’t seen it but if it features that type of dynamic, I’m curious now….

I should probably warn you to sit down (this is going to be shocking), but Koutarou didn’t bother me this week, either. Want to know why? Because our zombie idol heroes are increasingly not taking any crap from him. Saki’s reaction to him hitting her with a baseball? Throwing it back so hard it buried itself in his thigh! Or Ai smacking him back with the same loaf of bread he use to hit her!

Zombieland Saga episode 5
Happy Saki is the best

Now I may not have seen it right, but did that baseball go *through* him in the opening scene. You mentioned previously that he may not be the most human either…. I’m starting to think you have a point.

I think that was also my first sign that this was more than a simple filler: What is up with this guy? I’m dying to know what he really is! But there was another sign that this wasn’t just filler. More in a minute.

Well even if he might be some type of weird demon creature, he has his good sides. For instance, we saw a few scenes of manager being deeply proud of and touched by the girls’ performances. His blushing at the commercial melted my heart a little. It was a very sweet scene!

Zombieland Saga episode 5
awww, a proud papa

I loved his own bicycle performance as well. Hearing him all shy and restrained was a breath of fresh air….I’m starting to realize that a lot of the elements I liked this week had to do with manager and that’s freaking me out a little. How did the show turn the tables so swiftly on me?

I’m right with you on this. That scene was actually endearing!

Side note, is it stereotypical for a yankee to love chicken?

Speaking as a Yankee, yes, I love chicken. All kinds of chicken (though not raw chicken, despite how much Tae seemed to enjoy it).

I liked that they leaned into Tea’s unawakened state this week. It felt a little weekend at Bernies but that is what I enjoy about it.

Zombieland Saga episode 5

I also really loved how the girls accidentally washed their makeup off in public when getting rid of the mud. It was just a tiny moment but I like when the show addresses the difficulties of trying to hide who you really are from the world while aspiring to become an idol. I know it’s a very heavy handed metaphor for fame in general but since they are treating it with humour, it works on me.

Wasn’t that hilarious? Seeing them try to disguise themselves using huge orange traffic cones was a great example of the absurdist humor I’m loving in this show! And what about Tae’s enthusiasm to nom the chicken mascot guy? Did she look hungry or what?

And the way Koutarou got really excited about that! The passion and realism of the scene.! He is encouraging the girls to be themselves. Terrifying undead monsters!

Zombieland Saga episode 5
honestly, me at lunch time…

We’re jumping back a bit but I guess the musical performance this week was the chicken commercial. Pop…. I did like the song (and the costumes). I still wish we get more rap.

As fearful as I was getting, this week went a long way to get me back on board with Zombieland Saga. It seems the show is not about to abandon the cheesy zombie humour and is toning down manager, both of which are great things as far as I’m concerned. I do hope we get a more serious look at why(how) the girls became zombies in the first place.

The journalist seeming to recognize one of them is promising for future conflict.

That’s the second sign this wasn’t merely a filler! He seems to remember Junko, doesn’t he? Between the open question of the zombie idols’ origins, the mystery surrounding the manager, and the journalist getting inquisitive, there’s the potential for actual drama!

I’m really glad to see that this episode reaffirmed your faith in Zombieland Saga! Did you have a favorite moment? Or two?

Zombieland Saga episode 5
yeah, sure, you’re journalist…

I think I mentioned all of them but in order of appearance: 1) the first time Saki got super excited about the commercial (and really all her earnest, polite reactions this week) 2) Koutarou being visibly moved and proud at the girls’ performance and 3) all of them huddling together in the fountain, trying to figure out what to do next after washing off their disguise.

What about you???

This is one of those times when picking just three is really hard! In addition to your (as usual!) excellent choices, I’d pick: 1) Tae taking Sakura’s suggestion to compensate for her not being good at audio by screaming “cock-a-doodle-doo!”, but at the wrong time; 2) all of them crawling frantically through the mud to reassemble Tae after her fantastically long jump; and finally 3) Tae’s performance on the podium, including her almost feral joy in tearing off her outer shirt and imitating the rooster again with gusto! Come to think of it, Tae took my top three spots this week!

Any final thoughts?

Zombieland Saga is looking more and more like a true hybrid. Because of this, I think it may be a little harder for it to find its audience. I for one am really enjoying it and I’m glad I found it!

Zombieland Saga episode 5

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  1. I liked this episode more than the last two, perhaps because the city marketing angle stands out more?

    Also, has Koutarou always gathered dirt when they hit him? It’s the first time I noticed. Perhaps he’s a weakening Landgod of Saga? Hm…

    1. I’m not sure about the dirt but it struck me as well. The girls don’t do it so it’s not necessarily a zombie thing

  2. I gave up on this one weekly but do intend to do catch up watches of it. I think I’ll probably enjoy it more when I can watch a couple in a row rather than waiting each week.
    Really enjoyed reading your discussion here and it is good to hear that they are doing something with the manager. I have something to look forward to when I catch up with this one.

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