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My Top 5 Anime Couples

It’s the month of lurve! The month for both 3d and anime couples! And advertising! February is a rough month here. It’s dark, it’s super cold and we still have like 3 and a half months of winter. Yes, we have June winter. So what??? As such, let’s add a bit of light to the...


Beastars – In Sheep’s Clothing

  Genre:  School, drama, romance, thriller, action Episodes: 12 Studio: Orange   High School can be a real jungle. It’s rough out there. Survival of the fittest, kill or be killed, dog eat dog kind of world. And you have to deal with all your hormones going nuts. It’s amazing anyone survives high school at...


Build A Beastars Character: (Scott the Crow)

The following is written by my friend Scott – I’m in bold below. I also wrote a post for his blog here! Netflix taking anime from us and posting it later is mean guys. No seriously, it is. First Carole and Tuesday was taken and now we had to wait until recently to watch Beastars?...