Alright, guys, I’m dropping this one. It’s extremely rare for me to drop a show at all, let alone one that I am actively reviewing but I’m just not having fun with it. And judging from my comments, neither are you guys!

So instead of torturing us all, I’ll have a lighter season. I’m still keeping my collaboration with Scott on Saturdays because I do have fun with that. Besides chatting with Scott is just fun in general. And I will of course be reviewing Spy x Family on Sundays. You couldn’t stop me from watching that show. Maybe a nice relaxing season will get me all geared up for the summer season!

I already know I want to review The Devil is a Part-Timer s2 and Shadows House s2! Oh, and fall is gonna be nuts. There’s still a lot of anime left to announce and I’m already watching too many!

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  1. That’s wild, but that is fair to do. I have seen you finish anime but never drop any anime till now. But to quote Reggie Fils-Aime. “If it is not fun, why bother?” It is better to not make yourself do something you don’t like. Anywho, you keep being awesome. :3

  2. Ouch! I know it’s rare that you drop shows. I haven’t heard of this one, but I think I’ll pass if you tapped out of watching this anime.

        1. You know, I’m pretty sure it’s the first time!… I really have to learn to not fall for sunk cost fallacies

  3. For whatever reason, I actually still watched this episode. It was a mistake. I knew it was going to be a mistake, and I didn’t end up being wrong. Dropping the show is best.

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