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Top 5 Anime Characters Who Failed to Upkeep Their Hair

A little while ago I posted a picture on Twitter and some of my followers were surprised by how normal my hair was. As in that, it wasn’t some crazy anime colour. They were all very nice about it but I could tell they were a bit disappointed. I don’t blame them, I am too....


Top 5 Anime Characters with a Blog

So this post has been a long, long, LONG time coming. I have this little notebook I keep post ideas in. Whenever I fill it up, I just tear out the pages with any ideas I haven’t used yet and fold them in my next notebook. The idea of doing a post about anime characters...


All Out!! – The Elusive Rugby Anime

    Genre: Sports!, comedy, school, drama Episodes: 25 Studio: Madhouse; TMS Entertainment   Gyon is a short king who’s tired of getting pushed around by the big boys. Actually, no one pushes him around, it’s all in his head. But can you blame him? After a lifetime of getting teased by and roughhousing with his...