So this post has been a long, long, LONG time coming. I have this little notebook I keep post ideas in. Whenever I fill it up, I just tear out the pages with any ideas I haven’t used yet and fold them in my next notebook.

The idea of doing a post about anime characters with a blog dates back from my very first notebook. One of the first pages as well. It literally took me years to put this list together! In the order in which I saw the shows, here are my top 5 and only anime characters who have their own blogs!

Asako Natsume

5) Asako Natsume  (My Little Monster) 

Asako doesn’t have the easiest time making friends. At least offline. Not exactly surprising she gravitated towards blogging as a hobby. Sounds like a pretty familiar story to me. What’s a bit more out of the ordinary is that she’s a total hottie.

Obviously, we all know the hassle of being constantly hounded by lovesick individuals are completely smitten by us at first sight, this is why we take refuge in our virtual world. But most of us are a bit more discreet about it than Natsume! If I have an excuse to call someone Natsume, I take it!

Mirai Beyond the Boundary

4) Mirai (Beyond the Boundary)

In case you didn’t know, I love Mirai very much. She’s one of my best girls. Not only is she adorable, vulnerable yet strong and all around likable, but she also has hr very own blog!

From what I can tell she is one of those day in the life bloggers that basically uses their blogs as on big diary to help them make sense of their lives just a bit. I wonder if she puts n all the stuff about fighting demons and having cursed blood or it’s just like what she had for breakfast. I would read either way!


3) Beelzebub (Hozuki’s Coolheadedness)

Not much is known about Beelzebub in Hozuki’s Coolheadedness. He’s married and very dedicated to his wife. He’s one of the representatives of western hell, and he has a blog. From the little we hear about it, it seems to superficially detail the administrative and political inner workings of hell as well as the diplomatic relations between the many different hells.

Is it just me or does that sounds absolutely fascinating? It probably isn’t. It’s not very popular…

What It Truly Takes To Be A Heroine - I drink and watch anime

2) Moemoe (To be a Heroine)

I actually watched To be a Heroine before watching To Be a Haro (which didn’t matter for the most part), which means that this was my first introduction to Min and Moemoe the latter being a rather minor character who was nevertheless deeply charming and likable.

Had I known what his troubled origins were, I would have been even more impressed by his great personality or the fact that his blog really grew very quickly!!! It’s possible that this Moemoe Is an homage to the earlier character rather than actually being meant as the same person, either way, seems he is one heck of a blogger!

Coach komori

1) Coach Komori (All Out!!)

This was my final puzzle piece. After watching dozens of animes carefully listening for any mention of a blog, it was the old crumundegeondly coach of the All Out rugby team that revealed himself to be a blogger, of all people.

It seems coach Komori who retired from being a professional player and then coach some years ago, took up blogging in his retirement and reviews local eateries and pubs. Isn’t that just so freakin adorable? It has nothing to do with the plot of the show and never becomes relevant at all. It’s just a random character detail and I think that rocks!

That’s it, that’s all I got. Even after all this time. Maybe bogging just isn’t very popular in Japan. What am I saying, it’s not very popular anywhere… Anyways, do you guys know of any other anime bloggers? Wait I mean anime characters who blog? If so, who????

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  1. Does Shoji from Devil Survivor 1 having her own news magazine “Shoji Leap” count?

      1. Yeah thats perfect i really like that idea. Speaking of magazines i should really get around to watching Weathering With You.

  2. I agree with wingking78, Irina.
    Your posts are like the way an anime SHOULD be- you know that you love the characters, the style and the storytelling, but you don’t know what is going to happen next.
    Future Requests for posts:
    Favorite non-speaking anime characters (grunts count as non-speaking btw)
    Soundtracks in your iTunes (or animes you would watch just for the soundtrack)
    Characters you relate to most
    Characters you admire most
    Animes that make you the hungriest…. Scratch that. Animes that have scenes with food that made you order take out.

    I am not sure if I am normal in this or not, but whenever I watch Zombie or certain horror shows, I become ravenous. I am not attracted in any way to cannibalism and I do not find it appealing nor appetizing at all, but I think the adrenaline just ignites this fight or flight reaction… since gulping down water and running to the loo every five minutes becomes disruptive to getting to safety (or the end), eating is the best way to go about it. Or maybe I am trying to hard to rationalize this… Hahah! Maybe I should try doing something healthier, like doing push-ups. Yeah right….

  3. You always come up with the most interesting topics!

    Tomoya Aki in Saekano is a very successful blogger, and in his case it’s plot-relevant because that was part of how he made friends with Utaha, when sales of her novels got a boost after he reviewed them. Wouldn’t you love having that much influence?

    I think Salama from Amagi Brilliant Park is a blogger. I know she’s a heavy Twitter user, and I’m pretty sure it mentions her blogging too, but I’m not 100% on that.

    Hajime, the husband in “I Can’t Understand What My Husband is Saying,” is a professional blogger.

    Those three and Sanae (who Ramon already mentioned) are the only ones I could think of on my end, although I feel like I’m forgetting a couple.

    1. Ohhh I didn’t think to include professional bloggers for some reason. I think there’s a few of those

  4. The bread shop that Minare works at in ‘Wave, Listen to Me!’ has a blog that reviews bread. It gets mentioned/featured like, maybe 2-3 times for a couple seconds each in the whole series, but I figured I’d mention it so I can boost my smartypants cred.

    Also, blogging is about as common in Japan as it is in the English-speaking world. If you’re curious (and can read a bit of Japanese), you can check out or . The singer May’n has a blog on the latter site that I check in on from time to time.

      1. Yes, but there are, ah, other ways of watching it… though I probably don’t need to tell you that. Do you not like Funimation, or do you just not have a subscription?

        1. I just don’t have a subscription and for the moment am stubbornly holding out as I have so much anime to watch already. Maybe if my to watch list goes down under 20 I’ll look into it

  5. I didn’t remember that Mirai had a blog (but then I don’t remember much about BtB).

    I thought of a character who has a blog and I like, but I can’t reveal, because it’s a plot-important reveal. Has this ever happened to you? How do you deal with such situations? It’s an interesting conundrum about lists I’ve never really thought of.

    Finally: You keep referring to the show as “To Be a Heroine”, but that’s an article too many. But I know it as “To Be Heroine” (and “To Be Hero”). Is there an English title I’m unaware of?

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