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Top 5 Anime That Need Another Season

Anime is such a fickle mistress. There you are, innocently going about your life, when Zing Boom! You fall head over heels in love with a new anime. The world is brighter, there are birds singing, wonderous adventures and fascinating characters await you behind the screen just to have all of it ripped away right...


The Joys and Struggles of Episodic Reviews

I have now been reviewing some shows on an episode by episode basis for weeks, WEEKS, so I’m fairly sure I now know everything there is to know about this particular process. I’ve thought about the differences of these types of posts as opposed to full series reviews and I figured those of you who...


Dear Blogger Friend, We’re in This Together

Dear friend with a blog, Have you been getting the feeling that you are a little bit too invested in your blog. You fret and worry about it. You’ve set up all these imaginary goals and now you feel bad when you fail to reach them no matter how unrealistic they may have been. Do...