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The Boy Who Ran Away With My Heart

  Of course it’s Natsume…   Genre: Slice of Life, supernatural, hug in anime form Episodes: 74 Studio: Brain’s Base (seasons 1-4), Shuka (seasons 5-6) If you’ve been here before you know this story by now. I’ve told it to you 6 times already but how about we let the newcomers in on it as well. Natsume is a...


Psycho Pass – How to Build your Very Own Sybil System

Do you ever wake up in the morning and think to yourself – You know what my life needs right now? More dystopia. I know I do! But putting in place a totalitarian government can be time-consuming not to mention expensive. But don’t worry boo, I got you covered. Now you can take that first...


Misplaced in Translation – The Joy of Japanese Idioms

Most anime fans have at some point come across a sentence or expression that seems like complete nonsense. Sometimes, we can infer the sense from context. Sometimes, these sentences are so frequent that we stop really noticing them even though they still aren’t exactly clear. In some occasions, they are even visually depicted rather than...