OK, this should really go without saying but just to be say you should know that this post is purely for comedic purposes. I’m just poking a bit of fun at the community because I love it so much! Most of us fall into several or all of these types and some of us change from post to post. For giggles though, I tried to figure out which combinations of traits come up the most often. Play along! See if you can recognize yourself or anyone in any of these:


The FreshFaced

This is our little baby bloggers. They’ve been around for a few months and are still super excited about EVERYTHING! They jump on tags, they want to try out new things. All the new things. They have lofty goals for their blog! We love them.

Whatever these bloggers may lack in experience they more than make up for in enthusiasm. And whenever we get a new active member it gives all of us a shot in the arm.  It’s such a thrill to discover a new friend to share some interests with and revitalizes the community. Sadly, only the most precious ones can stay Freshfaced forever, the rest of us eventually see that newfound wonder dull a little. That’s ok though – we have other qualities!


The Senpai

For instance, we have wisdom! Ok You guys have wisdom! The senpais are the mentors of our community. Those are who we turn to for inspiration. Those who are always there to answer our questions or guide us along the way.

These are blogs that have hung in there and have seen it all. They’ve forgotten more about blogging than you will ever know! Thankfully, they also remember some of it. Some of these blogs are impressive just by virtue of having existed for so long. I have had the frequent heartache of discovering a new blog through an absolutely wonderful post only to see they haven’t published anything in years (DomShiki come back!) So when someone’s been around since 2013 I can’t help but to be impressed. You should be too. They know what they’re doing!


The Community planner

What would we do without our industrious outreach team. You know those wonderful people that make everybody feel welcome. That go out of their way to make smaller blogs known or help form connections throughout the community.

They are the seemingly tireless folks that comment on 50 posts a day (minimum). That take time out of their busy schedules to help form bonds between the members of our little aniblogging world. They are the glue that holds us together. And whenever we loose one, it’s very hard not to notice.


The Joiner

These bloggers are always up for a project. They may not be the types to start something, but they’ll take part, happily. These guys answer every tag, devote themselves to every writing project and happily participate in bloggers groups whenever they can.

They publish response posts to further conversations they are interested in. They often have an extensive archive and are happy to relate their own posts whenever pertinent. These are the guys that keep projects alive. The ones that make sure something’s always going on. Without them, life would sure be quiet and probably a little dull.


The Professional

I actually split these into two:

                The Aspiring Writer. These writers use their blogs in hopes of parlaying it into some type of career. They talk about said aspirations a lot and really dedicate themselves to the blog like it was a job. Because they hope it will become one someday. Some of them may in fact try to monetize their blogs in some way but ultimately, the point is to either turn the blog into a steady source of income or get a job as a writer on a professional blog.And you can tell by the high quality of the posts and rigid schedules they manage to stick to.

                The Essayist. These bloggers may not in fact be trying to break into writing (some of them are already successful writers) but they still insist on a professional approach to blogging. They try to give measured, balanced reviews with a generally objective tone. They favor researched or analytical posts. They cite their sources. These are posts that are worthy of collegial thesis!

We admire and are a little intimidated by these bloggers but we know who to turn to when we want posts with substance!

Yuru Yuri

Honorable mention  : The Clueless

These are bloggers that seem impervious to learning. No matter how long they do this, they still make the same mistakes or seem to forget previously acquired skills. They know some of their shortcomings, and continuously apologize for them but still make the same mistakes over and over again.

Their posts are just riddled with typos and grammatical mistakes…

But you still love them…right? Right, guys?

So what do you think, did I forget anyone? Probably. Are you any of these types? Maybe you have a super special unique type!


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  1. I guess I’m between the Essayist and the Aspiring writer. Is it bad that I didn’t even realize ‘aniblogger’ was an actual term until just now? I feel like I’ve walked into a whole new world lol

    1. I learned it supper recently myself (up until last year I thought seasonal anime was holiday themed….)

  2. I’ve no idea what category I’d fit into! I was blogging pretty regularly for about a year and a half five odd years ago, but then I dropped off the face of the Earth. I’m now trying to get back into writing and the blogging community, except I don’t know anybody, not well enough to strong-arm my way into projects, anyway! X D

  3. aniblogger tropes! I wouldn’t even dare to refer to myself as a blogger any more, let alone an anime blogger. I am a writer, though. I’ve just got a serious case of MEH lately 😛 So I’m glad you are here to entertain me!

  4. Ohhh Senpai… I think I’m just clueless XD. Half of the time I just improvise English and the other half I try to use grammarly… (I’m clueless in general life too.)

  5. Others have beaten me to it but I guess I’m also a Clueless Senpai since I’ve been doing this for 8 years (6 on my own blog) yet I get less hits and views than everyone else. :-/

  6. If it’s possible to be a Clueless Senpai, I think that’s what I am. The blog’s been around since 2013 so I think that makes me a senpai in technical terms, but in reality… yeah, I never claim to actually know what I’m doing and probably never will.

  7. Is it possible to be a stealth senpai, but fresh-faced by blog standards only? Otherwise, I definitely fall into the Joiner category (although I always thought of it as “third-wheeling” or whatever applicable equivalent there is)…plus there’s the occasional post that falls into the Essayist subcategory.

    Definitely had the same idea as Arthifis in that certain bloggers popped into my head when I was reading…although different people have different perspectives of bloggers/themselves, as these comments can attest.

  8. So many blogs are dusty husks…

    Poor things never stood a chance 🙁

    Most annibloggers are just phantom traces of light that we are just seeing for the first time… but have burned out millennia ago…


    But yea all these different styles keep it fresh… we come for the eccentricities but we STAY for the entertainment, the one common thread through all these different crap sandwiches.

    Here here! To all the bloggers who put in the time, and keep me entertained!

  9. Nice post! I don’t think I’m any of them unless I pick and choose bits from here and there lol 😂 I feel like a lazy blogger really lol

  10. Well…one thing I know: you totally fall in the category of Senpai: because really everyone looks up to you (Myself Included) Me? Clueless… still make way too many mistakes 😂😂

  11. The Aspiring writer seems like mine, with a bit of Fresh Faced still mixed in there. Although social anxiety prevents me from joining in on other projects as much as I’d like to.

  12. I think I might be a clueless fresh faced professional, you know. I mean, I get excited a lot, i’m pretty clueless, and i’m trying to make money with my writing. I’ve been around sicne 2015 though so, give it antoehr couple fo years and I can add senpai too :p

  13. This overview is so accurate haha. I’d definitely label myself under “clueless” trying to be one type of “professional” one day with a hint of “fresh faced”. Embarrassing but that isn’t to say I’m not happy with a number of things I’ve done for my blog and it helps a ton that this community is so nice.

    1. I added clueless as an afterthought to have something to describe me and now everyone wants in on that one.
      We us clueless kids need to stick together!

  14. I don’t know where I slot, probably the clueless. I’m still a casual anime fan though so I’m surprised my attempts at writing about anything outside of the mainstream stuff doesn’t get me laughed out the door.

    1. People around here are NICE! Like super nice. I use to feel the exact same way but everytime I think I’m going to get schooled – everyone is so supportive.

  15. i really dont feel like any of these. i feel like i have aspects of some, but i dont fall into any real category.

    honestly, i feel like fresh-faced/senpai and community planner/joiner are just two sides of the same coin. the clueless is probably my favorite in this list…few people come to mind

  16. If I might suggest another category: the Redundant! Those of us who keep looking backwards even while reviewing current shows, constantly rediscovering–and commenting upon–observations already made ages ago. But, hey, it’s still new to us! (If this embarrasses you, then you’re not a true Redundant!)

  17. While I was reading your post people just popped in my head ahah

    I was going to say that I would fall inside the “professional” one, but then you lost me with the “And you can tell by the high quality of the posts” 😂😂😂 So… I’ll just stick with the clueless! 😀

    For you thought, as you already know, I see you as a senpai. I know that you are not blogging for that much time as since 2013, but with your writing is what it seems! In fact, when you wrote about your blogniversary I thought to myself “WHAT? She’s only here for a year?” LOLOL

    1. I’m looking forward to reading your research posts – we don’t have enough. I know they take forever to write though…

  18. So when someone’s been around since 2013 I can’t help but to be impressed.

    I guess – where does it put people like me and Justin Sevakis, who don’t really blog per se, but yeah, who *write*, but who’ve been around the anime scene since – oh, 2000 or so x_X;;;

        1. *how are you so good at that. See I can’t even type.

          You know you’re awesome too, right? Maybe clueless, but not always.

  19. This was fun and perfectly encapsulates just about everyone!


    You missed “the lazy blogger”: These bloggers never write enough posts because they’re lazy and procrastinate. There’s only one (me).

  20. Though I don’t blog anime, I do like the style and enjoy your posts about it. For me, I fall somewhere in the clueless block sometimes, other times in the joiners…for now anyway 🙂 Nice post!

  21. HA! Nice. Are we allowed to cherrypick parts from different ones to apply to ourselves? I haven’t the faintest idea where I’d put myself or EvilBob XD

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