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Anime Winter 2019 – Week 9 Roundup!

I’m feeling lazy…super duper lazy. It’s takin all my discipline to not just repost last week’s links and see if anyone notices! But you know, as much as I while about doing these each week – it’s like going to the gym. I’m really happy I did it afterwards. And it’s not just because I...


Top 5 Anime Jobs I Want

Ahhh work! The Grind…The good Ol Rat Race. For those of you lucky enough to not have joined the job market yet, let me tell you, it has its ups and downs. No matter what, anything you HAVE to do for 8 hours a day, every day, is bound to get on your nerves from...


Anime Winter 2019 – Week 8 Roundup!

Well this is something I haven’t said in a long time. I’m awake. Lively, full of energy and ready to take on this post. Wait, this may give you guys the impression that this week I won’t accidentally miss half the relevant posts. I really do much better with lowered expectations. Humm.. I’m super tired...


Top 5 Anime Recipes

Everyone likes food. You should be very suspicious of someone who says they don’t like to eat. I’m just sayin. A good meal is magic. And I know for a fact that I’m not the only blogger with an interest in cooking. I have always wanted to have some sort of anime cookbook. In fact,...


Anime Winter 2019 – Week 7 Roundup!

It’s been a weeeeek! I mean  WEEK! I’m exhausted. I’m so tired in fact that I had one of those radom kissy dreams with people at work who I am definitely NOT attracted to (…I think…) and it was all very PG but then I felt weird and awkward the next day (being today). I’m...


Top 5 Anime Dopplegangers

You know you’ve watched a sufficient but completely non-alarming amount of anime when you start to spot similarities between unrelated characters from completely different series. It’s happened to me a few times lately and for some reason it fills me with glee. What can I say, I lead a life of adventure and excitement! What’s more, in...


Anime Winter 2019 – Week 6 Roundup!

Soooooo….remember last week when I waited until last minute to put this post together and had to comb through the posts exhausted in the middle of the night, risking missing half of them, cause I’m not smurt? Yeah I did it again. In my defense though, I went out drinking. OK! – defense made!


Top 5 Anime to Heal a Broken Heart

Did you have fun on St Valentine’s Day last week? I bet you did! Everyone is on their best behavior for…some reason. Man, people are so easy to trick! But now it’s over and done with, the chocolate has gotten stale and your sweetie is right back to normal. For the lucky ones that means...


Anime Winter 2019 – Week 5 Roundup!

I did something irresponsible…. Long story short, it’s almost Saturday right now. I have guest all day tomorrow so o blogging and I’m JUST starting this post. I need to be up in a few hours to clean and cook every food. And I’m JUST starting this post. I also need to post this in...


Top 5 Types of Anime Characters You Should Never Trust

If there’s one thing anime’s taught me, it’s that the entire world is essentially a den of lies and you should never ever trust anything or anyone! I lead a real fun life. It therefore goes without saying that you shouldn’t trust any anime characters but these 5 archetypes are particularly not to be trusted as...