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Too Many Anime Platforms?

I don’t have FUNimation or Hulu. I watch anime on Crunchyroll, Canadian Netflix (where’s my Beastars!!???!!!!) and Prime. But for the last few seasons there’s always been at least one series I was looking forward to that ends up on FUNimation and it’s annoying.


It’s Cold Outside – Time for a Blogwarming

Well 2018 started with a BANG, or in my case, an avalanche! Between the rugged weather we’ve been getting up here, the sort of drowsy, frantic scramble everyone has been going through to get back into the swing of things after the holidays both at work and here, I found that there just weren’t enough...


The Best New Years Parties Start on the 29th!

Hi Guys! How has you December been? Yeah, mine was super busy too! But hey, at least we got it done, right!? I hope you all had wonderful Holidays or at least not completely horrible ones. Next year will be (even) better, I promise. We could all do a Christmas anime marathon together, that’ll be...



OMG the time has finally arrived! I can’t believe it’s been a whole month already!!!!! OK, so in case anyone is new here, let me explain: last month I tried to get a project going which could serve as a platform of sorts to help smaller or newer aniblogs join in the community. The basic...


Blogwarming Party!

You guys remember when I use to pretend to review anime? Yeah, me either…  Boys and girls, I need your help. I’ve been kicking around this idea for a project for some time now and I want your input. Back when I started this little blog, in the olden days of last July, I was...