You know what’s a very underrated book. Clive Barker’s The Thief of Always. The very first chapter is called Harvey Half Devoured and starts out with:

The great gray beast February had eaten Harvey Swick alive. Here he was, buried in the belly of that smothering month, wondering if he would ever find his way out through the cold coils that lay between here and Easter.

I read that book a long time ago and this passage comes back to me every time I start running out of breath during February. The days here get so short and dark and cold, it can make the shortest month of the year last forever! Sure, we have Valentine’s but they won’t give you a day off for it… So anything that can make the Great gray beast February just a little more pleasant is always a welcome gift as far as I’m concerned.

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back foul February beast

And this February has been particularly rewarding. I’m not sure what cosmic alignment has lead to this great luck but I have discovered a number of fantastic blogs this month. Not all of them have chosen to participate in the Blogwarming yet – cough you should, cough, please do! However, lucky for me (and for you) Cactus Matt decided he wanted to share his blog.

A lot of you probably already know about Matt’s fantastic format as Raistlin shared it a bit earlier this month but let me reiterate because this blog is an absolute must not miss! Firstly, I have no clue how Matt can publish so many high-quality posts. This type of work ethic always impresses and intimidates me. You can always bet that Anime Q and A will have something new and interesting to offer whenever you have a hankering for a good read.

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I,ve always been much more Q than A

Secondly, this blog is just one of a kind. You get all the information and anime analysis you crave but presented in a unique Q and A format that guarantees that you have never read anything like it before. Moreover, it’s just a fun read. Even animes that I’m not that interested in becomes amusing and interesting in this format.

Am I amazed by this creativity? Yes, constantly. Am I kicking myself that I didn’t come up with it? A little, I can’t lie. Am I incredibly happy Matt did, so I can enjoy it without having to do any of the actual work? You betcha!

For the Blogwarming, Matt chose to feature his Attack on Titan Q&A, and I can see why! YOU can also se why by clicking right here!!!!

One of my Favorites by Ron Chan

Through the 20 questions you get not only a hilarious tongue in cheek review of what makes Attack so viscerally enjoyable and the elements that have contributed to the series success, but also an absolutely hysterical commentary on the state and politics of fan culture. And it’s wrapped up and presented which such delightfully biting humor that you won’t even notice you’re going through a very incisive thesis.

I have seen Attack on Titan and have read and innumerable amount of reviews, think pieces, criticism, fan fictions… Point is, I was pretty sure I had seen every possible angle of this series. Yet, I devoured this post and realized for the first time that I had never stopped to consider AoT’s place in the fandom/popularity conversation before. And even though we were warned there would be no Fairy Tail review any time soon, I’m now really curious to find out what Matt would have to say about it.

also fan art – lots of great AoT fanart! (artist しら)

I honestly have no clue how Matt can manage to craft a single post of this caliber. I’ve been doing the blogging thing for a minute now, so I know that this type of balance in writing doesn’t come by accidentally. I’m assuming there’s a mix of very hard work and enviable talent involved. This really doesn’t explain how he can keep publishing such amazing posts, but you know what, I’m just not going to keep on questioning a good thing and I’m going to sit back and enjoy!

I realize most of you are already on Matt’s blog and you’ll probably be there for a while. I don’t blame you. I interrupted my writing of this post about 5 times to go through his archives again and again. But for those of you still here, I have a question, is there a synonym for “fun” I can use to describe Matt’s blog. I feel like I’m not doing it justice by constantly repeating how entertaining, diverting, merrymaking, amusing, pleasurable, comical, mirthful and witty his posts are…

Well I hope this will help you fend off the February beast for a few more days! 

sad but pretty (artist SHIRANO)

Now I have a favour to ask. Yeah another one… I really love doing these posts, and I think you guys enjoy them too, so if any of you want to help me get some submission I would really appreciate it. Of course you don’t have to participate at all if you don’t want to but it will make me super happy. If you run across a blog that you think should be featured – let them know. They can send me a link to a post of their choice by email, through my contact page or on twitter: @idrinknwatchani! If YOU want to send me one – GREAT! As always, if you want to share this post and get some more readers to discover Matt’s blog that would also be fantastic. I bet those readers would really love you for it!

As always, thank you for reading. We are going to make it to spring together and we are going to discover even more great blogs along the way!

I’ve been playing Danganronpa V3 – Kaito’s optimism is getting to me.

fan art of Attack on Titan by waywayart
this is a great wallpaper (artist waywayart)

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  1. Thanks so much Irina such unbelievably kind words! This just spurs me on further to keep doing this! And thanks to everyone else who has reblogged this and liked my stuff, it’s honestly very touching!

  2. I have already featured Matt’s blog earlier this month on my blog (thanks for mentioning that by the way, very kind of you 😊), for a change I am not going to reblog this post 🙈 But I definitely am so very glad that I discovered this blog. As I said to Matt countless times now, his format is truly original and unique and I absolutely love his posts. Just like you even when I don’t follow a show or might not even like it, I love his posts for it, and his writing style is just so incredibly cool. A true joy this blog.
    As for your other request, will definitely keep my eyes out and let them know about your blogwarming party! Great post Irina, and as you know I think it’s awesome that you are hosting these 😀😀

    1. I’m so glad you’re enjoying Matt’s blog. I hope a lot of people will get that same chance cause it’s a great way to brighten your day!

  3. Reblogged this on 100WordAnime and commented:
    Irina shares another quality new comer with their Blogwarming Party.
    This is so fantastic for new bloggers to get their blog seen by the community so be sure to check it out and contact Irina about participating next month.

      1. Anyway, I also recently found this blog and I love their question format for their reviews. They are so funny and yet always leave you with a clear impression of the show. Great choice for February and I hope you get some nominations for next month.

        1. Matt’s gonna be a though act to follow but I’m hoping to coax some other amazing newcomers I’ve been lucky enough to discover lately

        1. Ok peeps reading SPOILERS… All the dead ones. I remember thinking Kaede was best MC and that Rantaro seemed Super interesting. I adore a troll so Kokichi was my fave (imagine a convo between Kokichi and Nagito…) Kurumi was best girl but Maki has grown on me. Kaito is my bestie and i did one hotel event and got Kiyo so let’s say he grew on me too

          1. ALSO SPOILERS… For those two remember to play Love Across The Universe: Salmon Team (I know the name is ridiculous but its the way to see everyone’s FTE). I like to imagine a convo between Kokichi and Celeste, the King and Queen of Liars. I love Kurumi’s char design but it hurts me because her FTE i feel are the most lacking. I like Maki too, but people say she is too edgy to like as a character. You got Kiyo’s hotel event XD his is the most ridiculous.

            1. Yes Celeste definitely. Also Byakuya – how annoyed would he get? My head is filled with conversational fanfics across the 3 games.
              I’m planning on putting in another weekend of paying so I’ll probably get through another chapter.

  4. Can’t help but agree with you on this one!
    Well, Matt if you’re reading this – this is what championing your blog looks like! ^_^ Well deserved!

  5. Definitely agree with everything you’ve said about Matt’s blog!

    Matt, I’m sure you’ll be seeing these comments at some point, so I’m just going to say well done! You definitely deserve all the attention you’re getting~

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