Hi Guys! How has you December been? Yeah, mine was super busy too! But hey, at least we got it done, right!? I hope you all had wonderful Holidays or at least not completely horrible ones. Next year will be (even) better, I promise. We could all do a Christmas anime marathon together, that’ll be fun! I hope you’ll get the chance to rest up a little at least because 2018 is just around the corner and you will need your strength. There’s going to be a lot of work and a lot of partying to be done. I’m certainly looking forward to it. I have an idea, let’s start the partying right now, the work’ll get done eventually.

Even though I haven’t checked this time (super busy and all) I’m hoping Karandi from 100 Word Anime and Remy from The Lily Garden will agree to once again share these posts with their readers as well. They have both been so sweet in helping with this project. I really hope they realize how much I appreciate it. As always, if any of you also want to spread the word, you will have my sincerest gratitude.

Not that I want to make anyone feel obligated but I do want to point out that without being asked, Raistlin always does his best to promote not just these blogwarming posts but really to help out and make everyone feel welcomed around the wordpress community. Of course you all already know Raist but please, go thank him, he apparently hasn’t realized he’s awesome yet and that just seems wrong. Also I want to remind you all that Arthifis has created a wonderful little space for us to come together and share a bit of our experience and community on Facebook. It’s a really lovely initiative and you should take a second to check it out if you haven’t had the chance yet. And really just thank you so much to everyone that’s been reaching out and helping spread the love around with weekly roundups or shout outs, you guys are why we happen to be the best! The best what? The best EVERYTHING!

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We’ve earned it!

But all of us promoting people out there would be pretty hard pressed if it wasn’t for those bloggers that are creating wonderful content to begin with. Those authors you happen to chance upon and (after the initial shock of awe and jealousy wears off) are driven by to create and do better yourself. So, for the last time this year, let me bring you a couple of posts to get inspired by and aspire to:

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thanks guys!

In order of submission

MagicConan14 has been blogging for some time but The Animanga Spellbook has only taken on its current form fairly recently to focus on anime and manga. Since these happen to be interests of mine, I am very happy about this turn of events! I know I usually try to add some humour to my writing but this anime and subject mean something very personal to me and I would really just like to be earnest with you all for a second.

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if you know who the artist is, please tell me (it’s so pretty)

Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu is brilliant. It is a slow, masterful anime that gets almost painfully good in its second season. The reason I have not reviewed it (and probably never will) is that it left me speechless. I don’t have the words to explain what this show did to me and I want to leave it at that. Seeing other bloggers tackle the monumental task of discussing the series has impressed me to no ends but seeing MagicConan14 take on the even more gargantuan issue of gender identity and politics within has earned my respect. I don’t know how many of you have read this post but you ALL should. You should read it and reread it and point to it when people try to denigrate anime as devoid of substance or irrelevant.

And once you’ve done that, you can talk to them about Prison School!

I’ve talked a few times about the difficulties of crafting a truly good review. Not just a simple recap of the events of a show with a generic “I liked it” or “I did not like it” (yes I realize that’s half my reviews), or a so deeply subjective write-up that it’s completely useless to anyone else, not to mention hard to follow (yes yes, I know that’s the other half). A well written review will give you feelings about a series. It will make you desperately want to see a show you’ve never even heard of before or give up on a hotly anticipated title before even starting it. It’s really a delicate balance of raw information, visceral opinion and just plain good writing, and very few people (amateur or otherwise) are really skilled at it.


Purposefully Lackluster is a fairly new blog (with a great name) that might not have come across your radar yet. Bookmark it. Per knows how to write. After carefully going through all his posts I now find myself actively waiting for the next one. Not only are they just really good (there’s no better way of putting it folks, I wish professional reviewers would take notes) but Per picks media that I for one am not necessarily familiar with, making me discover new games, shows and books that I am now really looking forward to. With Prison School, Per had to somehow make his point about this very ecchi and somewhat controversial show, without getting overshadowed by his subject. A tricky task handled brilliantly. I will definitely be checking the show out now.

Please go read MagicConan14’s deeply insightful post here:


And Per’s fantastically written review of Prison School here:


Did I do it again? Huh, huh. I found awesome posts for you guys, right!? Yeah, I’m wonderful….

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awww, stop…

But seriously guys, I am thrilled to have been able to keep this up for a second month. There were some truly wonderful posts submitted and like last time, I am keeping them all and will definitely go back to them for future features. In the meantime though,  I really can’t exagerate how happy it makes me when anyone sends me a post so please do so here or use my contact page. In fact, just use my contact page to say hi or Let me know if you want to do a collab. I’m not lying when I say spontaneous contacts make my day. (Thank you so much those of you who have – you know who you are! I luvs you)

Well two more days to go until we bid 2017 goodbye. I hope you had as much fun as I did. I also hope we keep getting such fantastic posts! Big hugs to all of you – i

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  1. It was disappointing to miss the November cutoff but I’m really glad I waited now, so thank you for mentioning me. Have a happy new year and may your 2018 go well!

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    As the year is beginning to draw to a close, you would say people are starting to wind down and relax. But then there are wonderful people such as Irina, that even near the end of the year publish something amazing.
    As you might recall she had this terrific idea of the Blogwarming Party that put new and upcoming bloggers in the spotlight. (New anime bloggers could submit a post to her, and eventually a choice would be made as to who would be featured on her blog). Today the new Blogwarming Party was released on her amazing blog (what do you mean you are not following her yet? Go and do that right now). It featured some very kind words about me (which honestly made me very shy, but really, thanks again), but that’s not what this post is about. It really is about two new bloggers that are meant to shine through this post.
    In other words, for everyone who is interested in anime do go and check out these up and coming bloggers. I have yet to read the posts myself, but after reading the very high praise they were given in this one I’m pretty sure that we are all in for a treat. Irina thanks again for this wonderful idea you have created 😀

  3. I was reading this post at work in between calls, and after I had read it I had a grin on my face, as well as turning pretty red at the same time. My colleagues looked at me as if maybe I had turned completely mad, but of course I have already been mad for years so they knew this wasn’t the case.
    Seriously this was such an incredibly kind and sweet gesture. Thank you so very much, I really mean that. I don’t deserve any thanks, it really makes me very shy 😊🙈😊 If there is anyone who does deserve it, it’s you for hosting such an awesome idea, and being a very important part in this WordPress community 😉
    Of course I am going to be checking out the posts that are in this feature. And it goes without saying that a reblog is on it’s way as well which I will either do today or early tomorrow morning (got a bit of catching up to do for some other blogs as well).
    I hope you will an incredibly cool and fun New Year’s Eve: enjoy it to the fullest, and all the best for 2018. See you next year 😀😀

    1. You are not getting out of this by being endearingly modest. I for one am going to keep thanking you every chance I get. Have the bestest of new year’s. Celebrate just a tiny bit too much!

      1. Lol, and here I was hoping I would get out of it 😊😊 Thank you again, it really means a lot. The reblog is done by the way 😀😀
        I will do my best to celebrate way too much 😂😂 You have fun as well, see you next year 😉

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    Irina has her second blogwarming party to introduce two new bloggers. Check out the post and remember if you are a new anime blogger, contact Irina to be a part of the next one.

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