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My Hero Academia s4 ep88- Overwhelming Power

This morning I watched two season finales. I watched the last episode of the currently airing Haikyuu and I was delighted to see a strong ending to what has been an overall very strong season of one of my favourite animes. Haikyuu To the Top has been exceptional so far. Why am I going on...


Tower of God Ep.1 – A Cute Face Will Get You Far

You know how I’m a fake fan and I know nothing about upcoming anime and such. Well you now now. I sort of look up what’s scheduled for the upcoming season only after the first show or two have started airing then get mad that I don’t have the services for all the shows that...


An Appreciation of The Things we Take for Granted in Anime

Art is hard you guys…There’s no real formula to it. No magic set of rules you can follow to produce perfect art every time and yet – it seems very easy to make bad art. As for anime, it’s pure magic. It’s the art of illustration combined with the art of animation layered under the...


Ao Haru Ride – Learning to Love Again

  Genre:  Romance, Drama Episodes: 12 Studio: Production I.G.   With love comes a window of opportunity to pursue it. What happens when you wait too long, and you suddenly find that window has closed? Romance can often be unfortunate like that, but other times luck is in your favor. What happens when that window...


In/Spectre Episode 12 Review — Gallery

In/Spectre offers a few delighting moments this week as its plot thickens. via In/Spectre Episode 12 Review — 100 Word Anime Even though In/Spectre wasn’t that visually interesting, I’m going to miss Kotoko’s adorable character design. In/Spectre is proof that a great character design can really take you far!