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Fire Force 2 Episode 5 – Firestorm

I don’t know how it’s been were you guys are but in my neck of the woods we’ve been having thunderstorms all week. Calm discreet little thunderstorms, nothing to get to worked up about. It’s actually been rather pleasant and everything us all lush and green now. I wasn’t actually planning to show off, it...


The God of Highschool ep. 4 – A Wedding and Four Funerals

Spoilers.. like right in this intro there will be spoilers. In order for me to get to the spoiler I’m going to spoil some things so you were warned. What can I say, I like to spoil my readers… ok… bad joke… Admittedly the wedding didn’t happen (see I spoiled not only that the wedding...


Miss Bernard Said Wha?

  Genre:  Comedy, School, Books, Short Episodes: 12 Studio: Creators in Pack TOKYO   Oh boy, how do I summarize this one. O.k. do you know what a poser is? Wait that’s a bad stat, I’m not entirely sure what a poser is. Let me rephrase that, do you know those people that really want...


Fire Force 2 Episode 4 – Day of The Living Ash

This weeks episode was quite reminiscent of a zombie series wasn’t t. In many ways, Fire Force does take on a lot of the classic zombie tropes with only a bit of tweaking. Except for all those deep religious undertones. Those are vampire tropes! It’s actually kind of cool how a modern action anime manages...


Re:Zero 2 episode 3 – Sanctuary

I really like the word “Sanctuary”. I think it just sounds nice. I have this weird thing where I randomly like words sometimes. My favourite in English at the moment is clockwork. Great word! This is an even weirder start to a post than my usual offerings. Sorry about that Crow, seems you’re in for...


Kokoro Connect – Walking A Mile in Their Shoes

  Genre:  Drama, Romance, Science Fiction Episodes: 13 Studio: SILVER LINK.   A crucial part of any successful high school career is choosing the right club. This can get tricky if you’re not athletic or artistic or traditionally talented in some way. Fret not though, there’s always the Student Cultural Society. So in practice this...


The God of Highschool ep. 3 – An Apple a Day

Look I know there where no apples but it’s just that a banana a day doesn’t have the same ring to it… it has en entirely different ring… You know what, that’s enough fruit talk for one day! I’ve been too busy to get on social media much this week so I have no clue...


How Not To Summon a Demon Lord Almost Had Me

  Genre : Isekai, action, adventure, comedy, fantasy, fanservice Episodes: 12 Studio: Ajia-Do   Do we still make fun of gamers? Video games is one of the most profitable industries in the world and I do believe the biggest grossing entertainment industry at the moment. Everyone plays video games. People can make a good living...


Fire Force 2 Episode 3 – Bombshell Gorilla

You know what they say about anime girls with pink hair, don’t you?… Wait… Fire Force already has an anime girl with pink hair… It already has 2! What is this! It’s one pink haired girl per show! Everyone knows that. Have these people never seen an anime before?