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That Time I Watched I Got Reincarnated As A Slime

  Genre : Isekai, Fantasy, adventure, comedy, romance, city planning Episodes: 24 +2 Studio: Eight Bit   Life is a grand adventure. You never know what’s going to happen. One second you’re just minding your own business, living a contempt if a little lonely life, appreciated by your colleagues and kouhais, the next, you’re a...


Psycho Pass s3 ep7 – That Looks Familiar

This season of Psycho Pass is frustrating for me. There are some brilliant insights and promising pieces of world building but they get bogged down by a messy and overly complicated narrative or else squandered. But I’m not going to bore you with story structure today. I know most people aren’t really into that sort...


Dr. Stone Episode 23 – High Five

Can you believe there’s only one episode left of Dr. Stone? I’m really going to miss this show. I do hope it gets a second season because it was a really fun ride and I’m not sure it got the credit it deserves. Then again, I’m a bit anime clueless so maybe it’s the biggest...


Mob Psycho 100 s2 – Growing Up

  Genre : Action, comedy, supernatural, urban fantasy, science fiction. Episodes: 13 Studio: Bones   You know what’s tricky? Navigating that confusing time between childhood and adulthood. Especially if you grew up as a bit of a loner. Feeling outcast and different all the time. And that type of isolation can cut deep. Loneliness can get...


Psycho Pass s3 ep6 – Friends and Strangers

Hello everyone. Please bear with me this week. I am still in the midst of a huge cold and even watching Psycho Pass was a bit of a challenge. Matt, I’m going to have to rely on you for the deep insight even more than usual this week. Oh and if I say anything that...


Dr. Stone Episode 22 – Cringy

I am so happy it’s Friday! It’s so cold outside. I plan to snuggle up in the fluffiest blankie I can find get some yummy food and just cocoon this weekend. I’ve been dreaming about this weekend all day and Dr, Stone was a great way to start it!