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Boogiepop and Shania and Irina ep 1&2 – It’s Boogiepop time

Hello everyone. Isn’t it exciting!!! A brand new anime season is upon us. Why that only happens 4 to 6 times a year! And new anime mean new episodic reviews from  me. But first!: Introductions are in order. For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure yet, this is Shania. She is walking, blogging...


Arakawa Under the Bridge – Women are from Venus

  Genre: Comedy, Slice of Life, Surrealism, Romane, Fish Episodes: 13 Studio: Shaft   Kou Ichinomiya is a man who knows his place in the world. Namely on top of it! He fully intends to stand tall atop of the heap because that’s where an Ichinomiya man belongs. A lifetime of hardship effort and dedication...


King’s Game – A Modern Transcendentalist Rallying Cry

Genre : Horror, psychological thriller, romance, confusion Episodes: 12 Studio: Seven Nobuaki (not as good a Nobu as Nobuchika) is going through the usual teenage struggles. Having just transferred to a new school he has to adjust to a new way of doing things and assimilate a whole new friends’ group. It’s a daunting task when...


Tsurune Episode 10 – Giving it Another Shot

Genre: Drama; Sports; School Studio: Kyoto Animation We’re actually rounding up the last few episodes of Tsurune (already? this sow has flown by for me) and a few themes are becoming quite obvious. One is the Power of Friendship which, well duh, it is at least in theory a sports anime. But this has been tempered...


How is Taishou Mebiusline: Chicchai-san Like Irina?

Genre: Short, supernatural, action, historical, hoyay, romance(?) Episodes: 12 Studio: Studio A-CAT If you are the type to skip to the end, you’ll have noticed that I have “drink whenever you wonder what the heck is going on” as part of the drinking game…. Spoilers for this review, the synopsis is going to be the...


Tsurune Episode 9 – On A Dark and Stormy Day

Genre: Drama; Sports; School Studio: Kyoto Animation The boys are back on their home turf and I have to admit I found I a little comforting. I have always been a homebody. Even if I’m away on vacation somewhere, there’s always that moment when you slink back to your hotel room, absolutely exhausted and crumbled unto...


Cells at Work -How Far Educational TV Has Come (12 days)

Genre: Slice of life, action, comedy, education Episodes: 13 Studio: David Production The human body is a marvel of bioengineering. Every second a universe’s worth of microorganisms and cells work in harmony to keep the whole thing going. Billions of processes take place for every single little thing, from breathing in to growing out hair....


All I Want for Christmas is A Mecha (12 days)

I’m not all that well versed in the Mecha genre. For some reason I haven’t seen many throughout the years, but every single one I have seen, I liked, a lot!!! Please be aware though, that I’m a novice at best and bound to get a few things wrong.