I was wondering if the anime version of The Case Study of Vanitas was going to redeem Vanitas’ character a bit but nope. He’s still pretty aweful. And I’m digging the fact that the show acknowledges it. You’re not suppose to be impressed by his undehanded ploys this week. He’s just a jerk and we all know it.

I fid that I enjoy horrible characetrs as long as the show they are in isn’t trying to convince me that they’re great peple actually. This works. Vanitas is a mangificent jerk!

Apparrantly I’m in a screencap taking mood today because I took a LOT. I hope I’m not crashing any of your browsers. Also, I realise that all my screencaps look decent on my blog but get a bit overwhelming in the readder app. Sorry about that!

So this episode moved a few things around and skipped over some things as well. Not many but a few. We still understood that Noé is a himbo and got tricked by Vanitas with one of the least believable stories ever. It was just a bit longer and more obvious in the manga. This said, volume 1 ended when Jeanne took off so from here on out it’s new territory for me. I will no longer be able to make comparaisons and I think it’s for the best.

I find Noé’s power fascinating. There are a lot of implications. Taking on someone’s memories means taking on the burdens they represent. Assming vampires still eat only or mostly blood in this universe, it means that Noé has nver been able to eat without having various traumas or just unbidden disconnected memories hoisted on him. That kind of sucks. It’s a good thing the boy is not too quick on the uptake or it might have been unbearable!

Sidenote, I thought Jeanne’s voice actress did a great job this week. I looked her up and this role is rather different than her usual characters so I’m double impressed.

The second half of the episode marked the return of amuch calmer and sweeter Amelia and of course, the only one that really matters: Murr! I actually really enjoyed the dynamic that Amelia brought to the group. She’s calm, polite and nice but not helpless. It balances out Vanitas and Noé’s much stronger personalities. And of course Murr just dominates everything so having him make himself at home on Amelia’s lap was the best.

And then we got introduced to a brand new character. Dominique de Sade is not likely to be bringing a touch of softness to the cast. She is a de Sade after all. But I loved her character. At the very least, I loved her entrance. The flower petal spewing machine was a great touch. And immediately chaining up Noé! Now that’s a girl who knows what she wants. Domi is an adorably diminutive but I bet you can take one more letter off!

I’m also enjoyingwhere the story is going. I was surprised that Charlatn turned out to be effectively firghtening and the idea of a shadow Paris is right up my alley. I love secret cities for some reason! So far, Dominique is presented as a very ambiguous characetr. She freely admits to wanting to separate Noé and Vanitas and although she’s been nothing but polite, there is a vaguely threatening presence to her when she speaks to the human. But Vanitas is a horrible person so maybe she is ding that for Noé’s own good.

In any case, the episode leaves us with all those little mysteries to solve and you know me. I love a mystery! Can’t wait to explore Altus Paris.

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  1. The horror portions of this episodes were really horrifying. Ugh, I just hope I don’t meet the Charlatan in a dark alley.

    Yes, I enjoy my asshole characters as well. The story is supposed to be set up where Vanitas is hated by others and I think the author did a good job making him so.

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