It’s little wonder that Roland became fast friends with Noé and Vanitas. After all, the three of them are very similar. By that I mean they’re all dorks and potentially a little on the dense side. I guess Vanitas might be a bit sharper but I’m not entirely sure. They do make quite the three musketeers though. I hope we get to see them reunited at some point.

I went into this episode just a bit more cautious than past ones. So far I’ve enjoyed pretty much everything The Case Study of Vanitas has thrown at me but I had some reservations.

First though. let’s get the important stuff out of the way. I think spotted Murr in the cathedral scene of the OP. I’m really not sure but I believe Vanitas may be holding him in his arms because there was an odd white shape protruding a bit. Confirmation will be needed.

as for the episode. My biggest misgiving was the character of Moreau. I was afraid he might be a bit much. And although he was the loud, excentric type, it wasn’t bad. He ended up not being as present as I thought he would be and although he certainly was energetic, he wasn’t all that loud. That helps a lot. He even has certain shades of charlatan in him. The constant exuberance and abject joy at grim prospects. I’m not going to say the character is my favourite or anything but I didn’t dislike him and that’s already a win.

In fact, I almost wish the dinner scene with all of them around the table would have lasted just a little longer. I thought the tension buildup was quite decent. As it stands though. having Noé stand up for Vanitas and Roland back him up was sweet, in Noé’s usual very short-sighted and impulsive way.

I can’t really explain the following statement but the episode of The Case Study of Vanitas felt similar to Fire Force for me. If you’ve been following my Fire Force reviews, you should know that’s a very good thing. Something in the tone and cadence of the action maybe. Moreau seems like he would have fit in with the pyromaniacs as well.

The other thing I was a bit afraid about, was a potential turn for the dramatic. Now Vanitas has been weaving melodrama into the comedy since the beginning and when done right it can be delightful. But it’s a precarious balance, especially if the show tries to do an earnest turn. This time, instead of tempering the drama with slapstick, they sort of buried it in action. And once again, I think that worked.

I do however have a few bones to pick. First, I didn’t really like the score this week. It wasn’t bad per see but I think it was a bit too serious and grand for the episode and didn’t set up the mood as well. a missed opportunity, they could have made this episode a lot more fun with a more adventurous, or just goofier score. And second, that last scene…

It seems The Case Study of Vanitas is yet another series in anime’s collective ongoing nefarious plot to make me think mullets are an attractive hairstyle! It’s not not working… Send help!

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