It feels like it’s been a while since I’ve done a gallery post. I wonder if I’ll remember how to do it. Actually it feels like it’s been a while since I’ve review Fire Force at all. If you want to see if I remembered how to do that, please go take a look over on 100 Word Anime.

And you know what, I still think Fire Force is a beautiful anime. It can be a bit gimmicky in the production but I’m a simple soul. Gimmicks work on me!

You see that sky scene with all the rooftops? Left side, third row. Why is that sky so yellow? I actually noticed it as I was watching. It was a complete palette shift just for that one shot. That’s so weird. Fire Force hasn’t done anything like that before and it’s been so deliberate about colours. I have no clue what it means but it really hit me.

That lantern was used to bookend the episode and I really like that. It’s a lantern! As in fire. We don’t see it but we know it so it’s thematically important. And the old fashioned design really fits in with company 7 and their whole deal.

In the early episodes Fire Force had those purple/orange sunsets but lately we’ve been getting bleak yellow. Things are going to get worse before they get better.

Benimaru seems to be colour coded in dark blue which completely clashes with most scenes and makes him stand out. You know, in case the tic tac toe eyes were too subtle….

The bad guys faces in that last image really crack me up. I mean they just look so derpy. I wish they had some thin curly moustaches to twirl. That would have really classed everything up!

Shinra and Maki looking up at the sky was a pretty scene and really reminded me of Given. It’s not like it’s a rare composition in anime. Hunter x Hunter had lots of those scenes too but it’s a visual trope I really like and Given did it quite well. Plus I just saw the show. I’m happy to see it used in Fire Force as well.

In general, Fire Force is pretty consistent in using a lot of sky in its compositions. It makes  scenes look huge. Since it also has very crowded cityscapes (crowded with buildings not so many people), having so much sky against them really opens up the space and artificially make the cities seem more lively by contrast without the need to actually animate anything.

I ended up with quite a few close ups of Benimaru this week. It may or may not become a running theme… This said, this guy’s expression really does not change much does it. It’s not completely set in stone but he went from relived to happy to furious during this episode and you can hardly see any change.

Shinra on the other hand was blushing, laughing, nervously smiling and angrily scowling. He’s just about the opposite. You can read everything on his face. The fact that we have both is what makes it nice. We know that it’s an artist choice rather than a lazy animator.

The lantern again! Only this time it’s in a much colder scene just like the atmosphere of the show!

I’m not sure if we’ve ever scene a purple colour scheme in Fire Force. It certainly seemed unusual to me. It’s a very relaxing effect, isn’t it? Purple is supposed to be associated with wisdom which seems appropriate for Koro. He certainly strikes me as the reasonable one.

Well they look the exact same age. Too bad, I like when characters look younger then what we’re use to.  One thing is a little different though. That’s quite the expression Benimaru is making in the second row, left side. Seems the boy use to be a lot more expressive than he is now.

Don’t infernals always look like demons? Why were they surprised?

And this was this week’s Fire Force in images. I ho0pw you enjoyed it!

Fire Force ep12-2 (2)

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