Every year I make a list of anime-themed Christmas gifts that I am wishing for. I really get the spirit of this season! More stuff for me!!! 5 Last Minute Anime Themed Christmas Gifts I would Like to Receive, Top 5 Christmas Gifts I would Want if I Existed in an Anime

But this year, is in fact no different at all. Give me all the stuff!!!! So share with me in this exercise of wishful thinking. Once again I bring you my list of anime stuff that I want. This time I made it very precise!

5. This Specific Bakugo Cosplay

I’m not sure exactly where those fashion magazine cover of MHA characters come from but they are all amazing and Bakugo is one of my favourites. That jacket! That awesome T-Shirt. I want them all, and I want them all at once!

Thankfully the complete cosplay of this particular piece of art is available and not even that expensive. Unfortunately, clothing from Aliexpress isn’t exactly always a hit and with the lack of feedback, I’m afraid this would be unwearable. Otherwise, I would have already bought it.

4. Nixie Tube Steins Gate Clock

There are a lot of variants of the divergence meter-inspired clock and believe it or not this is one of the cheapest. To be honest, I’m not sure why I haven’t gotten it yet. I guess it’s because I don’t actually have a spot for it so I keep thinking to myself, I’ll get it next time.

This said, I know I would be totally psyched to have it! I actually really like the look of it regardless of its association with one of my all-time favourite games. But let’s just say the Steins;Gate tie-in is a plus!

3. Natsume’s Book of Friends Premium Edition

Of course I want this. I actually want all the seasons in premium edition. And that’s despite the fact that I don’t have a DVD player anymore. The PlayStation can play them…I think…

This collection hasn’t been available for shipping to Canada for quite some time and it would be a complete waste of both space and resources as I would never watch it on physical medium when digital is available. But I still want it. I have all the manga why not this…

2. Gundarium Alloy Gundam

Look, it’s Christmas, might as well treat myself! I think I was super reasonable to settle for this kit instead of demanding the life sized one in Odaiba. Although if you want to get me that one, I’m cool with it.

This figure looks really cool and I do like the fact that it’s a kit. I don’t have much time for it but I enjoy putting miniatures and puzzles together whenever I can. It’s like two gifts in one.

1. The entire Haikyuu manga collection

This isn’t even a question of money. It’s more that I’m too lazy to search them all out and buy them one by one. Covid has wreaked havoc on both production and. supply lines so several series have specific volumes that are very difficult to find (especially up here).

For instance I had to go through 6 different bookstores and amazon before finding volume 4 and volume 15 seems unavailable everywhere. As such, what I actually want is to have someone bring me the entire series. I’ll pay for it, I just want it all in one go.

Man I’m spoiled!

Is there any specific anime themed gift you are hoping to see under the three this year? What is it? Does it exist. In the non existent ones, I want someone to build a theme park that will let you walk through set replicas of your favourite series and have a holodeck like room where you can interact with 3d version of the characters. PLEASE!

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  1. I’m not much into “swag” myself, outside the stories themselves. So, I would just be wanting… ALL THE ANIME and ALL THE MANGA! 😀

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