Are you an anime uninitiate finding yourself in need of a perfect present for your anime loving niece or nephew? Maybe you’re trying to impress a special classmate with the perfect anime gift but have no idea where to start cause those Japanese cartoons are scary?

I’m amusing myself terribly with this intro! Of course no one who isn’t already an anime fan will make it to this blog, I know that. Just humour me a bit longer.

You came to the right place my friend. All your questions and worries are answered. I bring you not one, not two but five perfect anime themed gifts to give your loved ones this holiday season. I guarantee they will love them…as long as they are exactly like me. In fact maybe you should play it safe and just give them to me.


Anime love live jewellery
This is really adorable

5) Anime jewellery/accessories

Sure we all love to display our love for our favourite fandoms but that doesn’t mean we want to become walking billboards. Besides, you can’t wear nothing but t-shirts all year round… apparently… So it’s nice to have a more subtle touch.

Sure there are pins or jewellery with the names and logos of favourite shows but even better than that are the ones that mimic elements of that show. For an even more subtle approach. These are fairly easy to find on sites like Amazon or AliExpress and double as cosplay fodder for a gift that keeps on giving.

Some of my current favourites are my Cardcaptor Sakura pendant, my Black Butler pocket watch and my Demon Slayer earrings. I regularly receive compliments on these from random people. It’s nice!

another season of Konosuba would also be an amazing gift!

4) Personal maid/Butler cafe

Depending on your relationship to the gift giver this may get a little weird but just roll with it. You don’t need to go all out on the costume (although it’s a nice touch if you can) a simple apron or a tie is enough to get the point across. The important thing here is the experience!

Arm yourself with an assortment of delicate sweets maybe some pre-made omurice and a ketchup bottle with a thin manoeuvrable nozzle for decorating and give the gift of fawning attention and servitude to your special someone. My description may have tricked you into thinking there’s something naughty involved here but perish the thought! You should be aiming for your gift receiver to feel relaxed, full and maybe just a little awkward. You can learn some common Japanese service phrases to make it extra special!

anime airplane wallpaper
beautiful wallpapers are also a cool if slightly cheap gift

3) Plane Tickets to Japan

Hey, I said last minute, I didn’t say “cheap”! Actually you should probably throw in hotel accommodations, Tokyo can get pricey!

O.k. o.k., fine, as a Fallback position, how about some Duolingo Japanese courses. Those start at *free* and you can do them at your own pace from the comfort of your own home. Cause gifts shouldn’t come with responsibilities! And what gives more Otaku cred than being able to watch anime without subtitles! In the original language that is. Nothing! It makes you king of the nerds.

Easiest gift ever!

Hyouka watching tv
Told you you would love it

2. Watch anime with them

I’m not kidding. A lot of us Anime fans don’t have that many people we can share our hobby with so this is a great gift. Sure it’s a bit more of a time investment than most people put in their presents but it’s an experience that will be meaningful and who knows, you might enjoy it more than you think.

Look at me still pretending I’m writing for people who don’t already watch tons of anime. Ok let’s turn it around. Make your friends and family watch anime with you! Doesn’t quite have the same ring to it. Still find a cool Christmas anime or episode (look at that, I have a list) and share it with someone. Who knows, they might like it!

see, it looks great!

1) Shonen jump subscription

I’ve spoken of this a lot lately. I always thought Shonen Jump was a great deal but when I read that 70% of the profit are given back to the Mangaka to try to make up a bit for the astronomical possess due to piracy, I really wanted to support viz.

For a mere 2$ a month, you get new chapters of the latest Shonen Manga every single week plus full access to their entire archive library. There are some amazing titles there! Do I sound like I’m being sponsored or something. I’m not at all. I just really love both the cause and the product. I’m actually getting these for a bunch of people myself.

See, even though there’s just a handful of days left, you now have your pick of awesome presents to give your anime loving friends, family and/or me!

Remember, even though it sounds super cheesy, it really is the thought that counts. If you try your best to give someone something they would actually enjoy, that sentiment will mean more than anything you can buy. Except possibly those tickets to Japan. I mean ‘cmon!

Special Occasion Rini
celebration Rini!

10 thoughts

  1. I literally just bought a subscription to Shonen Jump because of this, NOT because I even read a ton of manga(but if I ever wanted to start, now would be the time!) but because it will support the industry. How awesome.

  2. “A lot of us Anime fans don’t have that many people we can share our hobby with so this is a great gift.”

    I’m fortunate that my lovely lady wife is also an otaku!

  3. These are all great gift ideas. I need richer friends to get that Japan Ticket..but hey I might treat myself to the Shonen Jump sub, if it’s available here.
    Decorating my own omelette is kinda sad though and the one friend that would give that to me I do not trust with a ketchup bottle so might have to skip that one as well.
    Props take like 100 days to fly in the Netherlands so I guess I will have to settle with buying Shonen Jump for me this year.

    I hope if people gift a plane ticket to Japan they also include one to get back.. otherwise it’s a bad gift! Here’s your dream trip.. fly back at your own cost! 600 euro’s please. I might get stuck there :O

      1. I need those duolinga lessons first then. I doubt NANI! Will get me far into a new life. Perhaps that … Turucku- NANI!-BANG-Isekai-Nippon will let a high school girl adopt me, but I am pretty sure thats an anime thing right?

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