This one is going to be a bit of a boring list for those of you who don’t blog. Sorry about that next week I’ll make sure to have an awesome anime list. Like Top 5 awesomest awesome animes you absolutely have to watch right now! Yeah, that sounds like something I should write.

In the meantime though, I have a little list for my fellow bloggers that may be struggling to fill their blogs. Let’s face it, the hard thing about blogging is posting. It would be super easy and fun to do if you didn’t have to post stuff all the time. II hear you.

But there are a few ways to get more content out with a bit less effort. Here are 5 that I have found.

5. The Repost

Granted this works best if you’ve been at it for a while and have amassed some archives. It’s a bit silly to report an article that was new two posts ago. But once your published post count reaches 500 or more, it’s reasonable to think that your current readers haven’t seen all your posts. And that’s a golden opportunity.

Reporting old posts that you think didn’t get enough exposure or that you just really like and figure your readers will like as well, s a great way to fill out the posting week without having to write a new piece and it only takes a few minutes.

Just be careful not to break your links if you’re reporting. Personally, I like to repost as an entirely new post to avoid potential structural problems to my blog as that makes all your comments disappear, it’s not everyone’s preferred method.

4. The Rewrite

A slightly more involved way to go about it is to rewrite one of your old posts. Maybe you’ve changed your views, and you can add editorial paragraphs or responses to yourself. Or maybe you want to add more/new information. Sometimes you can simply update an old post with your improved writing style to give it a new life.

Granted, it’s nowhere near as quick as simply reposting but it does add more content overall to your blog. It’s still easier than staring at an empty page, especially if lack of inspiration is your issue.

3.The Image Post

You know what is fairly quick to put together? An image gallery. Especially if you take your own screencaps. Add an introduction and a closing paragraph and you can put together a review in about 300 words. And a lot of people love looking at screencaps from shows. Myself included. It’s one of the important elements that leads me to pick a show to watch.

Another way to structure it is to make a top list. MY TOP X WAIFUS WITH WHITE HAIR, then just uploads pics for each entry and maybe write the character name. Tada. Most people already have pictures of their waifus readily available, and I bet that post would get a lot of clicks!

2. The Round Up

Be careful with this one. Posting about other people’s posts can be a real time-saver, if you don’t go into much detail, but it can also be very time-consuming.

If you happen to read a lot of other blogs anyway, then it could fit into your routine without adding too much (especially if you’re good at quickly identifying which posts are better than others). That way you can simply do what you would do anyway and whenever you saw a particularly good post just copy the link in your draft for the week.

On the other hand, if this is not something you do anyway, it can become the most time-consuming post to write. You will be adding hours of reading and sorting every week just for that one post. I actually did try to do something like a recommended posts of the week post. I found that even though I do read a lot of posts, I had a very tough time eliminating any. I just couldn’t decide who wasn’t good enough to make it this week so the posts would end up ridiculous, with like 100 entries which is the same as not having a post like this at all.

I tried for about a month (4 weeks in a row) and gave up without every publishing anything.

1. The Guest Post

If you can find people who are nice enough to want to write for you, a guest post is a way to go. It’s new material for your blog. Exciting and unusual posts for your readers that they would not get the chance to read on your blog otherwise and a chance for the guest blogger to either advertise or just try something new.

It does take a bit of organization. Unless you happen to be very lucky and find someone who can edit, format and schedule everything while resecting the look and posting schedule of your blog, you’ll probably have to do some administrative work to get everything into shape but it’s still generally easier than writing a post from scratch.

Just make sure you don’t give away the rights to your blog to anyone suspicious.

Well, there you have it. Admittedly, not all of these tricks worked for me and they probably won’t all work for you either but maybe one will. And it can be very liberating to have one less post to write this week!

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  1. I considered reposting old post but they were so poorly written and/or short I would have to rewrite them. LOL. I liked doing Round Up’s but found I wasn’t sure what to write or how much. I wanted my audience to read the post on blogger site so I only wrote limited summaries. They did get more views so I might give it another shot.

  2. I’m still pretty new with my current blog, and so far I haven’t had a problem thinking of what to write. I watch a lot of anime and I’m very opinionated. I’m having more of a problem trying to know how often to post. Right now I’m posting once a week, any thoughts on if I should change that?

    1. That’s really up to you. What makes you comfortable. I post every day but it is time consuming. Once a week sounds like a good ratio although you could go for two ties if you have a lost of extra posts

  3. One of the problems with re-posting, if you’ve been blogging a while, is actually remembering what you wrote. Especially those fun but mindless throw-away posts 😀

    1. Can’t you just look though your published folder? I have about 2100 posts and it’s working for me now. Maybe it’ll get more difficult when I get more posts

  4. These are great suggestions 🙂 I have found that doing screenshot-based articles based on my fun experiences with Photo Modes in games has been a way to post on some weeks when I am very busy, and still get a productive kick out of it. And, y’know, we all like pretty pictures right? Right?!

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