I’m writing this on Thursday. This maters because I normally watch Tower of God when it airs and writ my review right after. But I was so exhausted yesterday, that watching anime was too much trouble. Yup, actually watching was more intellectual and emotional involvement than I could muster.

Had I known how happy episode 12 of Tower of God would make me, I probably would have watched it right then and there!

I feel like you can always tell when I’m excited about an episode because my screencaps double!

First of all let me assure you that despite having predicted half of what happens this episode I did not read ahead in the mangwa. This is pure coincidence! This said I’m particularly flattered that Tower of God decided to do everything in its power to make me very very happy. 

Of course,  the only thing it actually had to do was give me some sweet sweet Yuri. The second I recognize that silhouette in the shadows, a smile crept across my face and it didn’t die out for the entirety of the episode.

One dark tiny little fear I have had all this time and didn’t dare tell you all about, was that they would in fact bring Yuri into the main story and then she would be boring. It wasn’t a big fear, Tower of God has been pretty good with creating interesting characters and putting them in even more interesting situations. However, larger-than-life type characters are a little tough to pull off and they have been teasing Yuri since the beginning of the season elevating our expectations so much that it becomes difficult to sustain.

Oh but I am so pleased to report that my fears were completely in vain. Heck, Yuri may have even been cooler than I expected and I don’t even know how that’s possible. She was the best! Now admittedly Yuri is probably a character that is best used sparingly. Seeing her every episode would likely dilute some of the fun. But I still think they could have brought her back a few episodes sooner. Not that I’m complaining. I’ll take any Yuri I can get! Boy out of context this sounds like I’m just the biggest YoI fan!

This really turned into a Yuri appreciation post… Did you expect anything else?

I guess I got so fascinated by her presence I sort of didn’t notice whatever else was happening… Actually that’s not true. You know what was really cool, seeing Endrosi and Anak come together. It really gave m a hells yeah girl power! moment, in the best of way.

And although we didn’t actually get to see anything, I couldn’t help but notice that compared to how she was with everyone, Yuri seemed a little nicer to Leesoo, or at least a bit more trusting. She talked to him openly and trusted him with her gift and message for Bam. Maybe it’s just because I like Leesoo a lot and I would like to think Yuri also saw some of that in him!

Basically, just as I had predicted, or rather requested, Yuri cam in and saved the Anak and Endrosi who are also BFFs now and I can’t wait to see this dynamic!

Meanwhile, on the surface, Khun managed to pull of yet another rather brilliant plan using the resources available to him in the best possible way. It was a good little sequence to swiftly remind us of everyone’s skill and add some sunshine into the episode. It also cemented the fact that everyone really trusts Kuhn. To the point where, as soon as they realized something extraordinary was happening and the tides of war were shifting in their favour, they just naturally assumed it was all Khun’s plan. Not bad for a kid who started out completely and utterly alone in the whole wide world! Khun may have a hard time getting to trust anyone but somehow he has managed to earn the trust of others.

And also, he would look really good with a haircut…cough…

All the hotties came out to play this week and I am not complaining!

Now I have always thought that the concept of families in Tower of God is used a bit like in the mafia. Obviously the Jahad aren’t all related. Maybe none of them are related in any way. So wouldn’t the Khun’s be the same. They don’t seem to know each other. Maybe whoever the Khun leader is also just chooses people for their family but just don’t have that slightly creepy only virgin girls allowed rule. But f so, why do they look like they’re related.

I guess if they are not a biological family, it would make that really passionate relationship Khun seems to have with his sister make more sense. Not that it didn’t make sense to me before. In fact I didn’t even think about it not making sense until this very episode, because, as I have mentioned before, anime has completely destroyed my concept of appropriate sibling relationships!

This said if Khun was “chosen”, it would explain his relative power and knowledge compared to the others. Up to a certain point, I figured he got his intel by virtue of being a light bearer but he always seemed to know way more about the Tower than everyone else. Even before the positions test. But if he’s a “princess”, that would explain it.

Too much think, back to nonsense. Hak and Khun should be besties forever, just like Anak and Endrosie. This episode was the best, I tell ya!

As happy as I was to see Yuri, I do wish we had had a bit more time with her team…

Just when everything was falling into place, we found out that the Bull was sent to get Bam. And the Bull seems to be some type of giant stingray monster. (I really like stingrays, not sure why). Now I know that technically Bam is a Wave Controller but ar we absolutely sure he’s not a Fisherman? Cause he seems to be a real bane for sea monsters! I’ll admit it, I’m proud of that one, so there!

Seriously though, Anak and Endrosi together couldn’t make a dent in that thing and Bam just blew him up. We knew the kid was strong but is he like, Yuri strong? Why isn’t he in a family? Wait is there a Bam family? Oh gaw, can you imagine like a dozen wide eyed innocents with immense power just milling around the Tower aimlessly, smiling at people! It would certainly be a great subversion of the chosen one trope the series has been leaning into!

I had been spoiled by fans of the webtoon that Rachel’s character was more than meets the eye before the series started and me first and really only guess was that she would betray Bam specifically. That’s what has been foreshadowed all along and I was too lazy to go against the obvious. Still, I didn’t think it would be that soon. Bam will probably forgive her though. He just seems like the type.

I like that it came so quickly. An openly treacherous Rachel is bound to be more interesting than the sad sack Rachel we’ve been getting.

What I’m saying is that there is only one episode left and they’ve set up al the most interesting moments of the series so far….great….

Tower of God ep12 (57)

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  1. I still can’t believe how well Tower of God converted into anime form and also that God Of Highschool is getting an anime this summer season. Love to see these discussion posts and what others think of the episode.

  2. Princess Yuri is just the best. YuriNation just needs to exist now, because she’s just so cool and powerful. They were saving her for last and it’s worth it.

    1. Also, I’m glad that you and I agree on the betrayal. I think it’s going to be a moment that benefits both of them.

  3. I actually liked last episode a little better, but then I’m a set-up guy. Yuri’s great, though.

    So far, Rachel’s betrayal wasn’t as bad as people made out. I sort of get the feeling that she’s got a reason to climb the tower she’s not revealing and doesn’t want to taint Bam. Who knows? (I hear the source had a conversation between them the anime skipped? Next episode? [If so, how? A flashback to something we haven’t seen would be most likely lame.])

    1. I hope her reasons are super selfish. Like she just wants power and an easy life. I think this story would work great with an uncomplicated antagonist. Especially a fairly weak one. To give her a big sympathetic excuse would weaken her as a character I think. As for how bad it is, I have a feeling that will depend entirely on Bam’s reaction to it.

  4. How much Yuri is enough? Just a little more!

    Wasn’t it great how Ren Lo Po Bia cowered from her when she threatened him with a finger-flick?


    “Oh gaw, can you imagine like a dozen wide eyed innocents with immense power just milling around the Tower aimlessly, smiling at people!”

    That sounds like it would give Shiki a run for its money for subtle and effective terror.

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