Wow, I am building up my library of webcomic recommendations really quickly. I wonder if I’ll; be able to keep it up. A lot of the stuff I read is probably not suitable for general consumption. However, Fisheye Placebo can and should be read by everyone.

Before I get into it, here’s what this feature is. Every week, I plan to tell you guys about a webcomic I am enjoying so that maybe some of you will discover a story you like. For now, I plan to concentrate on webcomics that are posted by the author and as such completely legal to read for free over the internet.n I may eventually venture into scanslations or pay to read comics if I think something is really worth it but I wanted to give you guys some options that are easy to find and accessible to all. Since a lot of us are still spending a lot of time indoors, it’s a good time to expand our libraries a little with some new reading material.

I’ve already mentioned many times that I tend to really value art style when it comes to webtoons. Fisheye Placebo is really going to make that obvious. If you thought some of my previous suggestions were feasts for the eyes, get ready to have eye indigestion…

Ok, that doesn’t sound good at all. And I don’t want you to think that the only good thing about this webcomic is the art. Reading that paragraph, I realize it may give that impression. That’s nowhere near true. OK let’s forget this first paragraph ever happened and start all over again.

Fisheye Placebo is the story of an ordinary student who gets roped into a modern homeland activist’s (occasional terrorist) plot to make society a better place. It echoes a bid V is for Vendetta but with a much more modern and layered approach. It’s actually a pretty awesome story that goes from action to suspense to lighthearted odd-couple comedy. And it does bring up a few interesting quandaries about how modern societies are organized and what we tend to value therein.

The characters are an assortment of likeable every-men and endearing freaks that slowly reveal themselves at their own pace. They are often very relatable and totally alien at the same time which makes them fascinating.

And yet, none of that is what drew me to Fisheye Placebo in the first place. This webcomic is by Chinese raised American artist Yuumei. I have mentioned her on my blog a few times before. After all, she happens to be one of my favourite artists. When Covid hit and I abandoned my office, I had just received my collection of Yuumei cityscape prints to hang on my office wall:

Man, these are gorgeous. And the huge framed versions are even more impressive. In fact, I think I will treat myself for Christmas and by another batch of her prints for my home. I absolutely love the light in her works.

Fisheye Placebo has been ongoing for years. The first chapter or volume has 9 parts available and the second is up to 7. It does not update as regularly as most webcomics since Yuumei is a full-time professional artist with many other engagements. Moreover, in the case of Fisheye Placebo, every frame is literally a painting and an absolutely gorgeous one at that. I really can’t imagine it’s even possible to create a pat in a single week. However, it seems Yuumei has had a bit more time for it during the pandemic.

In any case, whether you enjoy this webcomic or not, I really wanted to at least share with you an artist that I like a whole lot.

Have a great day!

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  1. I don’t think the story will appeal to me much but the art is gorgeous!
    I really like the colour use here.. there is such syngery to it strangely!

  2. “Eye indigestion…”…well that’s a term I haven’t heard before but I love it! 😂
    Okay, I have to say you have once again convinced me to check something out. You know how I’m a huge fan of great art, and just by looking at these pictures alone this just seems like it’s art that’s completely out of this world. That said: I really like the story aspects you wrote about here as well. In short: thanks for another wonderful recommendation!😊

      1. I already checked out the prequel for this, it really looks absolutely stunning! This is definitely something I’m gonna read for sure! Thanks for sharing this one😊

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