When it rains, it pours. Now I do get random PR emails from time to time. I think most people do. And I don’t usually respond to these releases unless there’s something that really strikes my eye. I don,t know if a lot of you also received this email but I haven’t seen it much on other blogs and I figured I would get something out. This is an event that sounds genuinely interesting. I know that if I lived closer, I would have wanted to hear about it so here goes:

A lot of you know that I am a big fan of the visuals and cinematic language of anime. Well, Gallery Nucleus, which is an art gallery focused on animation, and illustrated art out of California is doing a Retrospective Art Exhibition of original art by Studio 4°C.

For those of you less familiar with the studio, they are the fine folks behind MEMORIES (1995), Spriggan (1998), MIND GAME (2004), Tekkonkinkreet (2006), Genius Party (2007), BERSERK The Golden Age Arc Trilogy (2012), Harmony (2015), MUTAFUKAZ (2017) and Children of the Sea (2020) to name a few. They were also involved in some ambitious co-production titles with international companies such as The Animatrix, Batman: Gotham Knight, game HALO Legends, TV series THUNDERCATS. 

If you have seen any of these, then you probably know that the studio is comfortable with experimenting and taking risks with visuals. Mind Games remains one of the most visually striking anime movies I can think of and it’s almost 17 years old. That’s how much those images impressed me.

If you’re interested, you can learn more about the studio itself at their website right here: http://www.studio4c.co.jp/works/en/.

So what’s this exhibit all about, I can imagine you asking intently at your screen! Well in their own rods it a chance to:

Own a piece of Anime history! Once in a lifetime opportunity to collect legendary Japanese artwork that’s never been seen before in the U.S. STUDIO4°C has a distinctive and inventive style that captures the essence of nature, allurement and emotion.

Join anime superfans from around the globe to create and collect a piece of history. Selected works include intricate and captivating animation drawings, background paintings, concept art, cells and reproductions from the following titles:

*all artwork will include a certificate of authenticity.

Artwork display February 6 – 21 with an in-person opening reception on Saturday, February 6 (5:00pm – 9:00pm). Free admission.

One thing you should know is that I am definitely not a fan of breaking COVID guidelines so I was certain that COVID health and safety protocols would be followed. And a chance to get your hands on original 4°C artwork did seem like a good excuse to carefully and safely leave the house. Please make sure to wear your mask.

The exhibit is not currently available for online viewing but that may change so keep an eye out!

You can get more details here: https://www.gallerynucleus.com/events/816?more_info=1 and here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/studio4c-retrospective-art-exhibition-opening-reception-tickets-136037946159

There is also a virtual panel on February 7th at 6pm PST. This will be a talk and Q&A with Ayumu Watanabe (Director of Children Of The Sea) and Ms. Eiko Tanaka (CEO / Founder of STUDIO4°C) and as it will be a Zoom panel, you can actually attend from the comfort of your own home. The price of admission for the panel is 5$ which you can purchase right here, or free if you purchase any of the gallery’s artbooks.

If there wasn’t a raging pandemic, I would say that this is awesome first date material. It’s fancy and cultured because it’s an art gallery, you can actually have a great and unusual outing for free, and it’s anime. What more could you want. As it is, I still think it’s pretty amazing and as their safety measures seem quite good, I would have gone. As it is, I would certainly go if the exhibit ever makes it to Montreal.

In any case, I wanted to get this out to you guys as soon as possible, seeing as this is all coming up very shortly. If any of you go, will you tell me about it? That would rock!

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  1. I so cannot wait until going out to these events (especially on cute first dates of course) is back to being the norm aha 🙂 I hope anyone who does go has a fun time!

  2. That is something I absolutely would have gone to if it were here and we didn’t have the pandemic going on. As it is, with the current surge I’m not going anywhere I don’t have to. Less worried about me than bringing it home, so yeah, still going to be very careful for a while. But this is right up my alley. I’d love it.

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