This may come as a surprise to some of you, but I really really liked this week’s episode of Haikyuu To The Top!

Ok fine, I’m goofing. I really like all episodes of Haikyuu To The Top. And of Haikyuu in general. It’s a great show with really great OP and ED music choices. I’m sure going to miss this show and once the season is over I think I’ll start shopping for some big box set of all the manga. If you have some you want to sell, let me know. What has this post turned into?

Little Kuroo and Little Kenma were pretty cute. I’m sorry I didn’t manage to get more screencaps of them!

I did mention last week that I really like Nekoma. In fact, it’s my favourite team tied with Karasuno. Hey, Karasuno is a great team! Don’t judge me. Anywho, a big part of the reason I like Nekoma so much is that I relate big time to Kenma. Honestly, everything that guy says or does just reminds me of myself. He is quite a bit taller than me, otherwise he would become a go to cosplay.

I sound like I cosplay all the time. I don’t. I just really enjoy putting the costumes together. But I don’t like big crowded places with strangers constantly stopping me for pictures or because we’re best friends now since we like the same show. Actually, a super quiet introverted character is a great choice, come to think of it.

I also like Nekoma because I like cats. I’m just deep that way.

Wasn’t the eyecatch adorable? Only one right answer here.

So I had big hopes for this episode. One of my favourite teams coming back in what’s shaping up to be an incredible season. It’s going to be amazing right? Thought like that are always dangerous. But guys…it was amazing!

The fight scene between Tora and Kenma had some stunning animation. In fact, since the second half of Haikyuu!! To The op started, there has been at least of breathtakingly animated sequence per episode. There were some in the first half as well but it’s ramped up now!

Sorry got distracted again. What was I saying? Oh right, it was a great episode. I have always loved the Haikyuu! doesn’t feel the need to heap on big tragic backgrounds on their characters to give them loads of powerful motivation. No one’s parents are in the hospital, no one was bullied all through childhood. At least not that we know. I think the closest to a tragic background that we have is Kagema being shunned by his teammates on his previous team because he was kind of a jerk. And well… that’s sort of his fault.

So Kenma tries hard despite not really being all that athletic because he hates to lose. Cool. And Tora trains like crazy cause he wants to look cool. I’m digging it. And Kuroo actually likes volleyball and also hates to lose. Great, we’re all set. And just with that, I really want them to win as well. You don’t need to force an emotional connection with the characters through tragedy when you take the time to develop them.

It’s not like I want Nekoma to win because they deserve it more or have more at stake. I want them to win cause they’re kind of my friends now. They’re a bit goofy and can be doofuses at times, but they’re good guys. And that’s why I want them to win.

Also targeting my poor little lazy Kenma is such a dirty trick! A smart one but uuuuhhhhhrggg so dirty! I don’t want that sort of trick to work! I do love how they entirely gave up on breaking his spirit or his mind. The opposite team sure know who they are dealing with. And the big strategy just ended up being, whatever let’s just make him run around a lot cause he’ll get tired. Brilliant! Why didn’t anyone ever think of this before? I hope the answer is: Cause it doesn’t work and they are going to mop the floor with you. I’m gonna make myself one of those little triangle paper flags. I’ll paint it red and write Nekoma on it so I can cheer them on next week!

uuuuhhhhhrggg – it’s my cry of wrath

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  1. ******Wasn’t the eyecatch adorable? Only one right answer here.****

    I would watch a five-minute short with all the boys as their animal eyecatch avatars. In fact somebody has to make this. I insist.

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