Most shows falter at some point. When you think back on the series as a whole, you remember it as one big story that you love or hate or are indifferent to. But when you review it episode by episode you can see the ups and downs. Find those weak spots.Did Karandi and I finally find one of Given’s? You can find out in our review!

I joked around about renaming my blog 100 pic anime last week and now, I’m the closest I’ve ever been to make that literal. I took a lot of caps this week…

Here are the opening tag caps and really, it couldn’t be more ominous. The episode itself was rather calm at this point but look at that. We got some very gentle Dutch angles, a lot more of that green light, one of the darkest nights we’ve seen yet. Everything points to a storm brewing!

This has got to be one of the greyest palettes I’ve seen in recent memory. It’s not so much that the show has been given a cool tint, as the colour has been drained out of it. It’s static and dull. A standstill. Mafuyu can’t seem to progress with the lyrics or with his grief, Kaji is still living with someone he loves because he can’t move on from the relationship.

And the images are the same. Very still, almost frozen. Frame head on or in full profile. They give the impression of being stuck. Stranded in a moment. They look like actual still instead of screen caps from a moving image.

The indoor everyday scenes remain sort of warm. School, practicing music, going to a part time job is what is bringing normalcy to the boys’ lives right now and visually, it remains a constant.

But right outside, it’s a miserable day.

I’ve mentioned a few times that Mafuyu’s house seems a lot colder than the other settings but we never really got a proper look at it before. It’s downright depressing! They couldn’t have made it bleaker without turning it into a parody.

Once again, we get a very green outdoor scene. Something emotional is about to go down!

The colour scheme is really obvious. It often is. Even without having seen the show at all, you can immediately pic out the picture from happy time and those from sadder moments. The light goes from soft warm yellow to neutral white to cool blueish white to green. It’s kind of amazing that I barely noticed in the moment.

I like that Yuki doesn’t really look like anyone in the show. In fact, the character designs are very easy to tell apart. That’s a big plus.

All things considered, Mayu should hate that guitar.

Yuki and Mayu had the same eyes as kids. It changed once they grew up a little though.

No matter what you may think of it, one of the most hard hitting revelations was given in that second flashback scenes, in one of the most idyllic settings. I love speckled sunshine, it almost always makes a scene relaxing and comfortable. Yet that’s what they chose to light one of Mayu’s most painful declarations.

I don’t have that many caps of the rehersal. My connection went a bit fuzzy. As chilling as it was to watch Mayu seize up like that, the scene is actually a mix of the green light we’ve been seeing all episode and Given’s usual warm orangy yellow. The camera is at a flattering angle and everyone is at 90 degrees with the horizon. It gives me some hope.

And we are back to the colour palette we know and love. Karandi asked if I thought the band would pull through. I know it’s silly to hang my hopes on this. The episode did end rather badly after all. This said, I’m a reckless optimist and this looks like something good is about to happen.

Mayu’s never looked this alert or, alive before. Inspite of everything, people are generally relaxed and spirits are high. All their friends showed up to cheer them on. It’s a nice scene. It makes you want to see what happens next as quickly as possible!

Given ep8-8 (6)

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