You know how I wasted the two or three first paragraphs last week whining about block editor. Well Im over it now. It’s not that bad. Man I’m fickle!

I am pretty much resigned to the fact that The God of Highschool will not complete it’s narrative this season. Well, I was pretty much resigned to that fact going in since I don’t think the webtoon is complete yet. (I could be wrong). Still, I am already smelling cliffhanger here but it’s way less enerving than in Tower of God. At least for me.

And that’s for two main reasons. First I liked Tower of God’s story more and second I prefer the Tower of God anime to the webtoon by far and it’s the opposite with the God of Highschool. I can see myself happily picking up the manhwa where the anime leaves off.

I gotta say, Ilpyo really pulls off the being possessed by a fox spirit look. Actually, if anime has thought me anything, it’s that most people look really good after a little fox spirit possession. And I realize that population drift tends to influence the folklore of regions but I still find it really cool that most far eastern nations ave some type of nine-tailed fox myth. It’s very odd that I could find a more direct analogue in first nation myths.

Now just because one of the opponents suddenly turns into an ancient divine power is no reason to stop a fight and surprisingly, Jin held his own. Well eventually he more than held his own but even at the beginning, he did way better than I expected.

I was kind of excited about this episode. My mind was reeling with the possibilities. What will happen to our team if they get eliminated or will the match be stopped by literal divine intervention. Wouldn’t it be nice for Jin to have a major set back so that he can spend the next season putting himself back together better than ever before? Well, we’ll never know. Whatever the poison fruit did to him has made him unbeatable.

Don’t get me wrong, the Jin and Ilpyo fight this week was once again really fun to watch. Not as much as last week for me. Because there was less funky camera movement and zooming around the screen. Still the effects were nice and watching firey foxes appear out of nowhere is always a bit thrilling.

This said I do wish we had seen a magical boy transformation sequence for Ji as well. Or are we trying to insinuate that Mori is an actual God and not borrowing anyone else’s power? Just a bit of a lazy, clumsy God that forgot his way and now thinks he’s human? That would suit Jin and I actually sort of lie that.

I dunno, maybe you can twist it into a one punch man sort of dynamic. Or just inject some sweet sweet irony. After all those adventures and near misses, in the end, it was all trivial cause Jin’s a God and he can do whatever he wants anyway! Snap his fingers and everyone gets their wish granted and Dae’s friend is alright again. I’m not even joking, I would totally be on board for that.

No dude, there’s two episodes left. At least!

Now, do you remember what we learned last week? And the week before that? And the week before that… Let’s all say it together now: blue hair guy = bad man. You all get a star!

And as the season is drawing to a close, the God o Highschool is resisting the temptation to do one of those lame last-minute reversals cause blue hair dude is still super bad even if he did have some extenuating circumstances.

My understanding is that the climax of the season was to be a fight between Jin’s and shark boy’s team. (I can’t just call him bleu hair dude forever…) But the tournament is over it seems. And Ilpyo might rip him to shreds between episodes which I would find hilarious and give huge kudos to the show if they had the guts to pull that off.

I’m pretty sure I’m supposed to care about the fact that Nox seems to have released a bunch of demon/angel thingies. But I don’t. I do care a bit about what Ilpyo is supposed to be the key to. And since Jin can mimic him, is he a second key. A skeleton key that can change its shape to fit any lock perhaps? My GOH fanfiction is getting a bit out of control. for those of you taking notes, Jin is both a God and a multipurpose key and the big-ticket action for the rest of the season will be happening off-screen between episodes. This is why no one will let me direct anime.

Favourite eye-catch of the season:

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  1. I also wonder if Mori is the literal incarnation of an actual god in human form, Irina. That silhouette of the god with a spear looked very similar to Mori given their hairstyles. And Mori’s eyes are the same shape as the symbol that showed up when his powers were awakened. Mori said he didn’t want to borrow anyone’s power, and maybe he isn’t, and he’s just awakening to his own power.

    1. It would work and there is some foreshadowing for it although I’ll be honest I sort of just threw it out there. Still, it adds a lot of flavour to the story. And it would make his friendship with Mira and Dea very interesting.

  2. I did love that eyecatch.

    I’ve noticed that I don’t much care for the fights in GoH. Actually, the less supernatural they are the more interesting, but still nothing that particularly draws me to show. I think I’ve said it before, but I tend to like quieter, more mundane scenes the most, like say the hospital scene.

    That said, the fox design is great and Illpyo wears it well. I didn’t expect martial arts guy from a few episodes ago to awaken from his coma as a magical berserker.

    1. I didn’t expect him to wake up either. I’m not sure if that scene was supposed to tell us hat happens when someone looses control of their Charyeok or if that guy was just a particular case.

      1. Well if you awaken to your Ch…something while in a coma or asleep it would make sense that you’re not exactly in control… Not sure that’s what they were going for, though.

        1. I mean, for all I know, the divine energy might have infected the nanobots who were healing him. That would also help explain the super sturdy maid.

          1. Also, while I’m saying random stuff about GOH, I just realised that I watched this episode in the firefox browser. It feels appropriate.

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