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Should I make personalized post headers like Karandi does? They are so cool!. Then again I usually use gifs when I’m not doing episode reviews. I use to make some for my episode reviews as well but I have too many this season. Also my blog template shrinks my header pics down to a square and you can’t see them in the posts… I dunno…

You should go over to the Eizouken episode review by clicking on the link, to see how that header pic looks and give me your thoughts. See what I did there. I’m a marketing genius!

That night time cityscape has a soft, almost watercolour quality to it. Maybe water based inks. It’s very nice.

It took me a while to notice but the camera moves around a lot in Eizouken. There’s really a wide variety of angles and camera distances in just about every sequence. It makes it look like there’s a lot more movement going on than there really is.

Kanamori’s character design is very flexible. Small changes make her look very different but still completely recognizable which is a very good thing in a character design. Fans love to see familiar characters looking a little different but if they seem like different people than the magic is broken. It can be surprisingly challenging to find the right balance.

Kanamori had ordered red pepper ramen. I assumed there would be chopped up and possibly roasted peppers in the ramen, I really wasn’t expecting them to be red. The broth maybe but not the noodles. I’ve been talking about ramen too much, now I’m hungry.

The idea that sound design could be so bad it would make someone throw up was really hilarious to me…

I’m mot sure whether I’ve mentioned this before or not, but Eizouken has a fairly diverse cast. By anime standards at least, it unusually inclusive. I haven’t heard anyone really talking about it and that may be the best part. So although I want to play it cool and go of course high school aren’t homogeneous, nothing special about that. I also hope it’s a trend that’s going to continue because anime could use a bit more variety in character designs.

It seems there are a lot of clubs that are just as run down and amateurish as Eizouken at the school. At least their club rooms look a little safer. I think the girls should just use the art room.

Tsubame really wasn’t very present this week but I’m really happy with the one screen cap I managed to get. I just really like the composition of it with her peaking out at an angle like that.

And we have a few more examples of Kanamori looking like herself yet different at the same time. I wonder if she’s ever going to actually wear her glasses again…

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