• Titles: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 5
  • JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Vento Aureo
  • Genre: Action, mafia, comedy, supernatural
  • Episodes: 39
  • Studio: David Production

Giorno Giovanna has a sorted history. After years of being a small-time hoodlum in Naples, it seems the only future open to him is to join the powerful Italian mafia. One that is currently under the control of one of the world’s most powerful and cruel men. Such a careful man that he’s eliminated anyone that can possibly identify him. A small-time thug like Giorno isn’t likely to take his place anytime soon. At least that would be the case if there weren’t a few things that set Giorno apart from the rest. For one, he has a conscience and he is not o.k. with the drugs flooding this city. For two, he has a brain and is not likely to be losing his cool like those other chumps. For three, he has a stand, one that may not seem all that powerful at first but that is incredibly versatile when push comes to shove. And for four, he has the blood of Dio running through his veins. Once he finds a powerful group of friends to support him, Giorno is likely to become unbeatable!

I categorically refuse to list JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure as a drama. There is just no way. It’s pure comedy gold through and through. Nothing is going to convince me otherwise.

the key to adventure… sorry


Have you read my reviews for the other seasons of JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure? If you have, you can skip this bit. It’s the same as before. You know, amazing character designs, fantastic costumes. LSD-inspired colour schemes all meshed with surprisingly fluid animation.

The overall look of the series seems pretty much unchanged from Diamond is Unbreakable. You know, slightly more rounded than in earlier seasons but overall still clearly JoJo. It seems that breezy man chests have also become a more permanent feature. I hope this bleeds over into real life!

so much man cleavage… wait is that why he was drooling?

Story & Characters

Man, where do I start? OK, it’s largely useless to describe the actual events of a season of JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure. Not only is that not where the magic resides, but it’s also likely to sound almost nonsensical if you just plainly spell it out. These are long seasons with convoluted storylines, lots of turnarounds and tons of characters. On top of that this season (4 or 5 depending on how you count Stardust Crusaders) brings back some past characters without much explanation.

What I’m saying is that if you really want to know “what happens” in JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure: Golden Wind, you really have to watch it. You can try the wiki summary but you’re not going to get much from it.

Instead, let me give you more of an overview. Compared to last season, Golden Wind goes back to the roots of the JoJo series. By that I mean that it really resembles Stardust Crusaders much more than Diamond is unbreakable. It’s a single long plot with a powerful nemesis established from the beginning that needs to be brought down.

and boats! Why does the JoJo franchise have so many boats?

There is a subplot, that is directly related to the main story, where the main cast have to protect the boss’ daughter on a cross country trip, but that ties in directly with the original goal of discovering the boss’ identity to bring him down. Ostensibly, it’s set in the world of organised crime but it’s a JoJo story, everyone is a supervillain.

As such, Golden Wind is pretty focused, narratively. Episodes don’t go on wild tangents and there’s not much random weirdness. The only sort of loose threads that sort of bothered me were that Kouichi and Jotaro are introduced in the early episodes and it seems like they were looking for Giorno, you think maybe the generations will meet once more but no. Their presence is quickly forgotten about and that bit just goes nowhere.

The other this that I personally thought was a shame, is the fact that Giorno is Dio’s descendant. OK, so we find this out in like the first or second episode and I thought it was cool. In fact, I thought it was ice cold! A JoJo that happens to be Dio’s kid. Oh man, I loved this so much. The possibilities seemed endless. But it sort of doesn’t matter at all. Giorno acts like a mix of Jonathan and Jotaro and after the reveal, no one even mentions Dio at all. This seemed like a huge waste and I can only hope it’s because it becomes relevant in later seasons!

how can you just forget about Dio?

Oh man, I’m about to sound very negative. I wrote the outline of the post and I realize that I only wrote down elements I didn’t like as much. But you see, I liked Golden Wind. I preferred Dimond is Unbreakable because it’s a much goofier season but I would say this is in second place. Or maybe the first season, that one was super goofy as well. In any case, Golden Wind is a good season of JoJo and if you like the series, you won’t be disappointed. But it wasn’t perfect.

Let me try to complement sandwich this. Compliment: as usual, I thought the characters were great. In fact, I think these may be some of the best-developped cast and I started to care about them. Never a good idea in either mafia or JoJo stories. Even the main antagonist was good.

Reproach: Because it’s structured as a mystery, you only really find out about the big bad at the end so there’s no time to develop him that much and to me, it seemed like he had a lot more potential.

someone with spotted hair deserves more attention – we never did find out why he’s the same age as his daughter

Compliment: Most of the new stands are sort of simple but that works very well. By contrast Golden Wind has a very unusual talent and it was super interesting to see how they manage to utilise this talent and make it fit into this type of story.

Reproach: But they went a bit overboard and by the mid-point, Golden Wind became a Deus Ex Machina capable of doing just about anything needed for the plot. In fact, if you actually think about it, there are tons of obstacles and conflicts that could have been avoided altogether with Golden Wind but there wouldn’t have been much of a story if they just did that.

Compliment: Golden Wind manages to distinguish itself from its predecessors. As long as you understand the basic rules of the JoJo universe, you don,t need to have seen anything else to enjoy this season. Even if you will likely miss out on some references.

Reproach: It also sort of felt like a detour. I’m not sure how to explain it but even though Diamond is Unbreakable had almost a slice of life quality to it, for me, it seemed to fit better into the larger canon. Golden Wind seems as though it’s somehow separated from the rest.

Here is my last one, compliment, I really loved the ending. By that, I mean the very ending, those last few minutes but I wish I knew what happened next… So I guess that is really a good thing! Oh an apparently, turtles don’t have souls?

I do wish we had gotten to know this guy better

You might like this anime if:

You like JoJo.

My favourite character:

Oh man, this is going to sound odd, I think I’m divided between Narancia and Doppio…

Suggested drink:

There’s an actual Golden Wind cocktail

  • Every time anyone says Bastardo  – oh my!
  • Every time smeone mentions Passione – take a sip
  • Every time a new stad appears – take a sip
  • Every time anyone is named after a food – get a snack
  • Every time Fugo loses his temper – take a sip
  • Every time an episode ends and you’re not sure if the characetr survived – take a sip
  • Every time a bullet complains – take a sip
  • Every time there’s a boat! – get some water
  • Every time Golden Wind fixes someone – take a sip
  • Every time Narancia goes nuts – take a sip
  • Every time anyone loses a limb – ewww
  • Every time they’re in the turtle – relax
  • Every time Giorno might be ovehinking things – take a sip
  • Every time the bullets love Mista – take a sip
  • Every time we see the blue ladybug – take a sip

I save all my screencaps on my Pinterest and you can find more there if you are interested. But I still like to show you a few in the post. If you’re like me, screencaps are something that really helps you decide to watch an anime or not.

8 thoughts

  1. I personally felt like the plot went all over the place and didn’t really focus on killing Diavolo until the second half. But if nothing else, it gets you to love its characters. And speaking of, I agree that Risotto deserved to have his backstory featured. It’s tragic but also fascinating and explains a lot about his character. That and he’s also my favorite character in the entire series.

    1. I really liked Diamond and the plot has almost no focus in that season either so I guess I’ve started associating that with JoJo. Stone Ocean seems to stick to one story so far

  2. I loved how Diamond breathed life into its setting. Here’s your typical non-descript suburb, with large houses separated by larger distances, whose inhabitants can only lead a leisurely pace of life. Emptiness dominates the landscape, physical or social, as well as the mindless prattle the residents engage in. Beneath the surface, motivations look murky, distrust runs deep. You feel a kind of vague malaise, this sense that things seem slightly off-kilter… But the only structure in this town consists of repetitive routines, epitomized by that silly radio tune you hear every episode, or reflected in Kira’s raging OCD. What shadows lurk under this sea of pretend normalcy?

    Golden Wind, in my view, fails to capture the lived-in charm of any of its locations. The narrative structure is to blame, certainly. However, I can’t help but see a wasted opportunity in Naples, where the show spends a good chunk of time. It faces problems with corruption & crime, yes. But I don’t feel the manic energy of the city. The bustle, the noise, the chaos. Its rich architectural heritage, juxtaposed with ugly graffiti or ubiquitous garbage. The mazy web of tiny streets & alleys, as confusing as the people living in it. They wear their hearts on their sleeves, as quick to anger as they are to forgive, as willing to help out as they are to brush you off. The claustrophobia of urban housing projects in Scampia or Secondigliano, hotbeds of organized crime. Noisy neighbors up in each others’ asses, strangers becoming best friends in seconds, fights starting over any perceived slights to one’s honor. Street vendors singing their menu, taxis ripping tourists off, cars ignoring pedestrian crossings. The theatrical passion seeping into any discussion, the hand gestures littering every interaction, the friendly barbs accompanying each conversation. The city’s so quintessentially JoJo it hurts.

  3. While I mostly agree, I’d argue this is the first part to actually have an overarching theme that affects every character and not just the protagonist and antagonist, as best displayed by the Sleeping Slaves episode at the end of the season.
    I also view Golden Wind’s detachment from Diamond is Unbreakable to be a strength, but I understand wanting more connectivity. I agree with everything else you said though!

    1. Like you, I’m not sure if the detachment is a bad thing. It has benefits. I think personally, I really enjoyed Diamond and wanted more but that’s not the show’s fault

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