Even though tags can be overwhelming at times, it’s always super exciting to get a brand new one. And it just happens that Lynn from the Otaku Author has come up with something new and fun for all of us to do during the quarantine. Reintroducing: The Bubble Tag.

Now like every tag, this ones has rules and they are as follows:

  • Put ‘The Bubble Tag’ somewhere in the post title and as a tag on the post. I did!
  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to their post. Thank you Lynn I already link back to your post in the first paragraph and in the next line
  • Link back to the original post – The Bubble Tag
  • Select up to nine people, real or fictional to join you in your bubble
  • Nominate five bloggers
  • Stay safe

In a lot of ways, this reminds me a bit of the Pirate Crew Tag, the Harem Tag and the old school Five Flaming Hotties

Unlike Lynn, I am very far from being in particular need for company yet, let alone nine whole people, but I do happen to have an extensive anime harem I could put up with. You know.. if I had to!

In the past, like an hour ago, I probably would have answered this tag with my other brain and simply gone for the nine characters that make me drool a lot lately. I’m looking at you Shin and Noi. But I need to calm down and think things through. I do believe the most sensible approach here would be to figure out what we need to get done in this quarantine situation and go from there.

Ok, so nine roles to fill. First of all, with nine people sharing a space, it’s going to get messy so we need someone to keep that living space… liveable! Not just that, someone who will spontaneously make sure the mess doesn’t pile up and won’t complain about it. The best and only candidate I can think of is Ryuuji Takasu!

Also Ryujji is the best!

I actually really enjoy cooking so I don’t want a cook but I do often cook too much and I’m a bit of a princess that doesn’t like eating leftovers for too long. So what I actually need is an eater. I actually just got a post idea – anime characters with huge appetites! Now Goku seems like an obvious choice but being stuck in close quarters with him for a long period of time is likely to present some challenges I am not up for. Instead, I’m going to go with a calmer, sweeter and more discreet: Special Week. I know, I also never thought I would be talking about this show again!

Like most of you I suppose, 99.9% of my entertainment these days is coming from the internet. That’s not actually a huge change from prequarantine times. This said. I live in fear of either losing electricity or my internet dropping. It would be the end of the world. So I need someone to keep all my computer systems and networks in tip-top shape. My first thought was Ed from Cowboy Beebop and I maintain that is an excellent choice just slightly edged out by Yuki Nagato.

Since Yuki doesn’t have most of those pesky human limitations, I figure she might just edge out the competition in functionality. On top of that, she’s super calm and only wants to sit quietly and read. Perfect roommate!

So who do I need next? I suppose there are things around the house other than computers that can break down. Also, I don’t necessarily want strangers too come in and fix them. I guess I need a general handyman of some sort. And I think Winry fits that bill perfectly. Not to mention that she seems really pleasant to live with!

We need Chi for obvious reason.

choits anime
this show taught me the word *pantsu*

Although I do enjoy cooking a lot, I’m not so great at mixing drinks. I know right???? So obviously we need a bartender. To be honest, I’m surprised I didn’t think of that first. My favourite bartender and the one most likely to not be a pain around the house is Hitomi Mishima!

This is starting to look like a really nice bubble! I assume it’s a pure coincidence that most of the characters are girls so far… Nevermind that. So who else do we need? How about a masseuse? Are there any anime masseuses? Google just listed a bunch of pron sites so uhm.. Pick your own I guess?

I have two left and you know what, let’s just go with Shin and Noi after all. Aside from the personal preference aspect of it, they are going to keep us extra super safe no matter what comes up. I actually already feel sorry for any robbers that might try to break in!

it’s the glasses I think. Those glasses are so cute!

There you go. These are my 9 anime quarantine picks! I should mention that Lynn told us to pick anyone, real or fictional. I’m the one that restricted it to anime characters because that’s just what I know! Should I print out pictures of all my pics and display them around the house? Am I losing my mind? I love that Grammarly thinks this paragraph is encouraging!

And now for my tags. Please feel more than free to play along even if you weren’t tagged. the more the merrier!

I hope you guys have fun with it!

22 thoughts

  1. This is so cute! I’ll be busy all day thinking about mine probably…😂 there are just so many characters I like, however, I’m not sure I could live with them peacefully 🤭

  2. Heh, nice crew. I’d watch the anime.

    So you’ve found your way to Dorohedoro, then. I loved the show, and Shin and Noi were awesome.

  3. Oh, that would be an interesting group of people to stay with. Bonus when Ryuji is that he’s really good at cleaning so all your spaces well be spick and span. I’m wondering how these interactions would go, but most of these people are kind and thoughtful, so everyone will get along great.

  4. Those are some nice picks! I bet Goku in a small space would be unpleasant with all the training he needs to do! He might be able to teach you Kaoiken though and you can blog 2x or more times as fast.

    The link you provided for Special Week says she follows a diet once she got fat though so she might not be able to help you all the time with the food!

    I like how you did developped a mini eco-system though! I’d probably invite my partner if I had one, my besties and then I might as well invite Junko because we are going to end up killing each other anyway so might as well let someone have fun with it. Your way is much smarter! Big brain Irina!

      1. Well its not as if I would actually pick her.. but my two best friends dont like each other, a third close one i’d invite doesnt like them because they are different and i am happier around them.. so my bubble would kill itself, so if I invite Junko to watch at least someome in the bubble has fun! I might have to rethink my bubble!

  5. I love the thought of you walking around your house with life sized print outs of anime heads plastered all over the walls. I would like to think that you move them around too. So at meal time they’re all sat around the table with you…

    We’re not going crazy… honestly…

  6. Haha…this is one heck of a fun tag. I’ll have to think about this one, but I’m going to do it, thanks for the nomination! And as always you made this a fun post! As for the losing your mind part? Nawww….no way, you are perfectly sane 😀😀

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