Well well well. Guess who is so amazing at drooling over imaginary people they got asked to list five more. Yup that’s right.

This guy!

on it!

Ok so maybe Ryuiji hadn’t realized the AMAZING Raistlin  had already tagged me once but I like to think he was just so blown away by my pervy prowess, he just HAD to get more. This said his own hotties post really shouldn’t be missed, it’s a super fun read. While you’re at it, you should probably peruse that whole site. And peruse means read through attentively!

I was still writing this when the refreshing Alfredo tagged me as well. Go read his post for a wonderful list and to see him simultaneously tag me and subtle drag me by calling me old. I would be insulted but that’s some amazing dissing powers. I’m just impressed at this point. It’s also this type of expertly nuanced writing that makes his entire blog so pleasant to read.

You’ve probably seen this tag go around before, every one likes hotties so it’s pretty popular. If you’re like me though, you’ve only retained the images of sizzling hotties and where to find them in the wild, so you’ll need a refresher on those rules.

The rules (I copy pasted this part from my previous post!):

  1. Mention the name of the blog you were tagged by, as well as the creators of this game Realweegiemidget Reviews and Thoughts All Sorts  to all blogs involved and including the picture above.
  2. List five of your greatest hotties from TV and/or film, i.e. crushes/objects of your affection, including musicians or sports stars too.
  3. Tell us how you were introduced to them and why you like them/what appeals.
  4. Add some appealing pictures.
  5. Tag seven bloggers for their Five Flaming Hotties.
  6. Post the rules.

Last time I did this, picking just five hotties from my enviable 2d harem proved to be a gargantuan task and I am unprepared to take up such a challenge once more. So, I set about trying to devise a quick way to whittle down the herd. The beautiful, beautiful herd. I thought about sharing with you guys my list of “acquired tastes”. Those are the hotties that may only be hotties in my eyes… But since I’m not ready to lose my entire readership yet, I’m thinking I’ll do that one if I ever get tagged again.

Instead, I’ve come up with something a little bit different. These are my top 5 subconscious hotties. I wouldn’t necessarily have gravitated towards these characters knowingly, but my sleeping brain had different plans. You can’t judge me on that, I have NO control. So here we go with my five literal dream hotties. I considered lengthening my list to ten, since I got tagged twice,   but instead I’m going to go the TMI route. Enjoy:

Taiga Kagami (Kuroko no Basuke)

Kagami Taiga | Kuroko no Basuke | ♤ Anime ♤Since I started with KnB last time, I figured it would be a nice continuity to do so again. Taiga is ok but I’m not super big on the alpha male types and design wise he’s probably the least appealing to me from the main cast. That is he was, until one faithful night.

I dreamed a straight up fanfic for this guy. And here it is:

So I was a student in the KnB universe but I didn’t go to Seirin. It was some rival school cause I had seen Seirin play and I was rooting against them. In any case I didn’t like them although I couldn’t tell you anything about my own team. For some reason I was going home super late from school, it was dark, and I was a little nervous about it. As l was walking the empty streets, I spotted Taiga. He’s hard to miss being all giant and with red hair. Anyways, I’m thinking: “oh no not this jerk (we’d never spoken) I hope he doesn’t see me.” I’m a little scared too. He really is much bigger than me and also, even in my dreams, I’m a coward.

Of course, because OF COURSE, we are walking the same way and I end up doing this weird shuffle, hugging the side of the road and slowing down or speeding up in an attempt to make it real clear that we are NOT walking together. In the end, we end up walking side by side a few feet apart and I’m just livid at this guy’s nerve for using sidewalks. I consider crossing the street but I’d have to walk past him and apparently that’s out of the question.

And then, you all know what happens right? Yeah you do. It starts to rain! It’s a dream folks. Please don’t hold my hackney subconscious against me. So not just a drizzle, we’re talking solid torrential  downpour out of the blue…of course. We both start running fast as we can and duck into the entranceway of the nearest building. I’m now complete soaked and have gone from annoyed, to angry, to infuriated. I can’t believe this pooface is here. I am trying really hard to figure out how to blame the rain on him and somehow use the force to disappear him from the face of the earth. Let me Just say that my waking self has no strong feelings about sports and certainly not high school basketball, but it seems dream me is devoted to the home team because I’m thinking of murdering this guy.

the blood is out of frame

As I am staring holes into the ground I notice from the corner of my eye that he seems to be stealing glances at me which I figure is all the justification I need to gauge his eyes out with my keys.

Tiaga: “So ummm, this is actually where I live, so I remember you from the game, and um if you want you can like come in and call someone to pick you up”

( Dream world has no cellphones, just go with it). I’m thinking look at this stupid muscle brain thinking he can saaaavvveee me just cause he’s all strong and considerate and nice but I say: “oh… sure.”

We go up a tiny little elevator, I notice he’s ok looking which naturally makes me angrier. (I would hate to be stuck anywhere with dream me…) And we go in. I call my brother for a lift, this is a dream Anime so naturally I have no parents, but he’s not there so I leave a message and pout. I’m about to leave when Taiga’s all like: “look just wait here, you’re all soaked, you’ll catch a cold. I can just lend you something to wear.”

Now I’m thinking: whelp, that’s it, it’s eye gouging time but I say: “whatever”. Clearly I was raised without parents…

So he lends me soft warm sweatpants and a long sleeve t-shirt but the pants are almost twice as tall as me so I opt for just the shirt which is longer than my skirt was anyways and the sleeves almost touch the ground. For some reason I am finding this just completely hilarious and laughing like a crazy person as I exit the bathroom but he’s all flustered and does the anime boy blush thing.

He says he was going to make dinner anyways so he’ll just make a bit extra and I’m surprised by how well he seems to know his way around the kitchen. I really want to find a reason to be angry at him for this but I’m really hungry and it smells great.

We dig in and chat a bit. I know what Kagami’s actual backstory is, but dream Kagami had a slightly different one. Apparently his family was from some rural village and he was studying in the big city on a basketball scholarship. He really wanted to become a big professional athlete so that he could send some money home and make sure his parents were comfortable and help his little sister go to whichever school she wanted. Isn’t dream Kagami…dreamy?


Related image
dream Taiga also surfs, apparently

Just like in real life my attitude improved considerably once I was fed and I offered to do the dishes as a thank you, but we ended up doing them together. It was still pouring out by the time we were done and I was starting to feel a little bad for imposing (finally!)

I was sort of just awkwardly standing in the middle of the room trying to figure out what to do with myself when he said: “I was, um planning on watching this game I recorded earlier, and I don’t know if you’re into that or not, but we can watch it together if you like.”

By now I was feeling a smidge guilty about having seriously considered blinding the man half a dozen times so I thought I would be nice and accept. Because my company is like a gift, you see….

So we both sit down and stare at this tiny TV and it’s kinda awkward again so I decide to really concentrate on the game. I do such a great job of it in fact that I lose myself in the moment and actually jump up cheering when the team I had decided was my favorite, scores. I catch myself, embarrassed, and see that he’s grinning at me. I try to get mad again but I’m flustered so I just hug my knees like a pouty brat. He must think I’m cold because he grabs a blanket to throw over both of us and I sort of rearrange myself to get comfortable and end up leaning on him. Oopsie. He slowly puts his arm around my shoulder and, I wake up…


isn’t always like that

That’s it. Maybe you’re not seeing it but it was really, really, hot. To this day, as I drift off to sleep, I get flashes of cuddling up to Kagami on the couch and my heart starts pounding! I promise the rest of these will be shorter…


Blair (Soul Eater)

Ahhh Soul Eater. As far as I’m concerned every single adult character on that show belongs on a hottie list. So much hotness. But token fanservice babe Blair was never really on my radar. Nothing against her but, let’s face it, the competition was fierce and she just didn’t quite make it.

Image result for blair soul eater fan art
despite some considerable assets

That is until one special night: I’m some type of researcher at the DWMA. Actually I think I might be Stein cause I’m dressers a little like him. It’s one of these things where I’m Stein but I’m still me. In any case, I’ve been desperately working on something for weeks and I’m getting nowhere. I’m exhausted and frustrated, so I figure I’ll take a break to clear my head.

For some reason there’s literally no one around. It’s the holidays or something. So I walk around the empty school and go out into the sunny backyard. The only person there is Blair whose sitting under a tree. I decide to go have a chat to try to clear my head.Image result for blair soul eater cat

I sit down and she tells me I look awful. I start just unloading all my troubles on her and she listens super patiently then she says I should relax. I figure she has a point so I go to take a nap right then and there resting my head on her ample… fanservice. I remember thinking it was super soft….


Misato Katsuragi (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

Related image
Cheeky minx

I watched Neon Genesis Evangelion when I was a teenager and let’s just say there was a lot of hormones flying around. I didn’t really have a 2d harem at the time and wasn’t yet familiar with the concept of waifus or husbandos so this dream really confused me.

I was also working at Nerv. Not a pilot. And I was casual friends with Misato when she out of the blue accused me of hitting on her horrible boyfriend. I was like: “what, that guy!? no way!!” Somehow that made it worse… The whole thing turned into a full blown throwdown in short order, and we were swinging at each other right there in the office lunch room. That’s it. That’s all that happened… it wasn’t romantic or sexy in the least but for some reason it felt that way. Like if it had gone on… Maybe it was just me. Like I said, Lotsa hormones. It did make me notice just how smoking this lady is though.


Yomiko Readman (R.O.D.)

Image result
I’m seein a trend

Unlike the others, this lady would have been here no matter what. I would definitely have crushed on her dream or no dream and to be honest, I’m not sure whether my infatuation started in the waking world. Yumiko is a fantastic character. Self assured, brilliant, efficient and strong while remaining vulnerable and completely feminine. I really didn’t have much choice in falling for her now did I?

This wasn’t a very racy dream or anything. In fact, much like Yumiko herself, it was deceptively calm. It was also the only instance where the character came to me. I mean we were in the real world, my college in fact, and she was the librarian of course. And I just fell for her, completely and irremediably. I brought her home made desserts at lunch time. I would save up and hunt down rare books she mentioned, then give them to her a cool like hey I just randomly found this thought you might like it… I would blush and struggle to find my words whenever we were alone together. It never got past the courting stage, I never even worked up the nerve to confess, but for a while there, I got to bask in the warm fun feeling of having someone you really like. I still really like her.

Raven (Tales of Vesperia)

I’ve mentioned tales Vespers a lot. It’s a game I truly enjoyed and managed to get lost in. With all the time we’ve spent together, I have grown fond of pretty much all the characters. However, roguish Raven really stole my heart.

I’m not going to try to describe him here. He has a very drawn out and complicated backstory that can only really be appreciated when you know the equally complex details of Vesperia’s politics and history. Suffice it to say that the man is a fusion of three of my favorite archetype, the aloof cloudcuckoolander, the dirty old man and the bitter guilt ridden washout. Or all three Musketeers wrapped into one.

I’m also going to skip the dream here since it’s an actual novel. Have you ever seen the episode of Star Trek The Next Generation “The Inner Light“, or perhaps the 10 first minutes of UP? It’s something like that. I didn’t just dream of this guy, I kept on dreaming about him every other night, for months.

Raven and I shared an entire life while I slept. We went on myriad adventures. Some were amazing, others horrible, some a little boring. We calmed down and settled into a softer life. We went to visit old friends and talk about the good old days. We were proud of each other, and at times, disappointed as well. We argued, and hurt one another. We were selfish and unfair. We were grateful to have each other and expected great things so we pushed each other to greatness. We had long warm quiet afternoons with nothing much to do which we treasured.

For a period in my life, this hottie made me genuinely excited about the prospect of going to bed…

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Ok now I want to play again

You know, as I’m finishing up this post, I’m thinking maybe it wasn’t such a good idea. I’ve heard over and over again that no one wants to hear other people’s dreams. I hope I didn’t bore you guys too much but I had already invested so much… also, I like to hear about other people’s dreams **mumble mumble**

Let’s get to the most important part. The 7 Hottie Bloggers I’d like to tag. You guys don’t have to go all fanfic like I did, you can just tell us about the hotties. Heck you can just post the pics…man.. that’s so what I should have done. Guys, I’m not bright….

  • Lethargic Ramblings – I love Leth’s posts and his fantastic writing is bound to make this a great read.
  • Shoujo Thoughts – I know for a fact Shoujo had great tastes in 2d boys and frankly I want the inspiration.
  • Brittney Blog – Remeber Brittney’s fantastic and gentle post on Orange? Imagine what she could do with this silly little tag.
  • Shokamoka – You can never have too much Shoka.
  • Chizurue – Chizurue has been getting nominated for awards so much lately and all those posts are fantastic to read so this one is bound to be great too!
  • It’s an Anime Thing – I have great expectations for this post since It’s an anime thing consistently publishes posts that are both intresting and entertaining .
  • Riyoga’s Ramblings – I basically just discovered Ryoga but I’ve been through that entire blog and just, go see guys – it’s really worth it. I hope Riyoga agrees to play along!

Well kids, it’s been steamy! I hope to see you all again soon and in the meantime, sweet dreams!

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  1. Haha…/wow, now I have seen this tag quite a number of times now, but this is by far the most original take on it. And just so you know this wasn’t boring at all, not even for a single second. I wish I had such exciting dreams though. My dreams usually are the stuff of nightmares lol. But awesome post: I love Misato. She almost made the cut on my own flaming Hotties post…almost that is.
    And thanks for calling me amazing : never thought of myself in that way, but it’s very kind of you to say so 😀

  2. I love dreams! I love dreaming them and I love hearing them. I kind of fear that im slowly losing my ability to dream, but I had a doozy dream the other night about how a group of elves tried transmuting my knee high socks into wolves. They didn’t fully succeed, but my socks did grow wolf eyes near the top.

    What I’m saying is, your dream guys and gals were a blast to read about.

  3. That’s a talent to be able to dream up dramatic fanfics XD
    You can probably start writing novels and title your first one “Hottest Years of the Day” (because ‘Days of the Year’ is too mainstream)

  4. Yomiko! Yay! I’m glad someone else knows about Read or Die. That’s a fun anime series. She’s such a cool character but also dorky since she’s the biggest bibliophile on earth. I reviewed the OVA, and (true story), my DVD copy was autographed by Crispin Freeman over a decade ago when he visited a museum that was 20 minutes away from where I used to live for an anime exhibit.

      1. The dub for the 1st series is good. I can watch both the dub and sub for Read or Die and not complain. However, in ROD: The TV, she has a British accent in that dub since they used a new voice cast for the returning characters which really threw me off. I get that Yomiko is biracial (Japanese/British mixed), but it would’ve been better if they were consistent with the dub cast when Geneon USA dubbed it when they owned the license.

  5. I’m glad that I found out I have the power of throwing shade amongst people. This will be very useful, especially with my friends 😛

    Thanks for the shoutout and I enjoyed the list! I had Misato on mine the first time I did it, isn’t she just stunning?! 🙂

  6. That dream, I’m not gonna lie but I was expecting you and Taiga to get a little bit of action, like you know kiss, lick…. some inexplicable adult stuff…
    But I guess it’s better if it ends with a cute cuddle with the rain drops striking against the windowpane, creating a romantic melody.

    PS: Where the hell is your brother?? Why is he still not getting your message??

  7. You dreamt that about Taiga?! That’s an amazing dream I wish I could dream stuff like that up! My dreams are always weird and nothing ever nice happens like that! 😂 really enjoyed reading this post! 😄

    1. I did and really??? I had big doubts about this post to be honest. You know if You enjoyed it, I’m going to consider it a win!

      1. That’s awesome 😂 and yes really!! I really did enjoy reading about the hotties from your dreams! Such a fun and interesting read! I think you should definitely consider it a win! 😄 never doubt your posts! It’s your blog so write whatever you want and there will always be people like me to enjoy it! 😊

    1. Really, you of all people should know what to do in unusually hot weather. (To be honest I was just going to follow your lead – I don’t know either…I was frontin)

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