I’ve only jus discovered Dani’s blog recently but she’s always been very sweet. Besides if Raistlin vouches for her that’s good enough for me. So please read this post and share it if you want. Maybe we can figure out what’s going on


It seems this is the week of unusual posts for my blog. After slowly recovering from a pretty horrible flu, and writing a post about that, I had hoped to get back to resuming normal blogging. But tonight something happened that really has made me quite upset. I know quite a few of you know fellow blogger Dani. She runs an absolutely amazing blog called Touch my Spine book reviews. She already had some trouble earlier this week with her being flagged as a spammer. But tonight I just recieved a message from her over on Twitter saying that her entire blog is suspended because of her somehow violating the terms of service. I don’t see her doing that. She is an absolutely amazing blogger that always brings such a positive note to everyone. I know a lot of you agree with me. I saw a wonderful post on her…

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  1. I’m really not a fan of the way WordPress lays out their rules. Some just don’t seem to make much sense, are selective, or near impossible to even find… and of course they’re updating them soon.


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