The plot thickens by the end of episode 8 in The Case Files of Jeweler Richard. Relationships come to a head in what is arguably the most dramatic episode yet.

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Here’s another quick gallery for your guys. I feel like I’ve already used the best picture though….

All the fake Richards were pretty hilarious and I love the way Salvatore looks. Is his name Salvatore or did I just make that up. He just looks like a Salvatore, and by that I mean he looks handsome!

We Richard was 100% fanservice. There was zero reason for those images to be there. and it made very little sense in the progression for the scenes. It also did a visual cool shift to the colour palette that clashed with the rest. Basically it was a great scene. We need more randomly and inexplicably wet Richard…

Richard as a kid was alright looking but Jeffery was better which is weird.

In the episode review I described Jefferey as looking like a slightly melted version of Richard and I stick by it. It’s like someone took Richard’s model and made everything just droop down a bit…It’s hilarious!

The Case Files of Jeweler Richard ep9-6 (4)

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  1. At this point, I’m an episode ahead, so I’m pretty much face-plaming through those images, knowing where they lead. I think I may have mentioned that I don’t get this show. Yeah, that’s still as true as ever.

    I also wonder why the poor girl has to be even in the show. I don’t have to remember her name, because there’s only one I could possibly mean.

    Both Jeffry and Richard are better at Japanese than English; I think you’re right and it’s a very elaborate con. The plane’s not really going to London, it’s going to a place where people say “Good for you,” a lot (in non-native mistake kind of ways).

    1. I’m also an episode ahead but since I started treating the show as a telenovella I’m having a great time with it

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