Narratively, Granbelm is going on a journey. It’s trying some stuff out. I talk about over on Karandi’s blog if you want to know what I mean!

Production wise, I’m getting mixed messages. Occasionally it seems as if the budget has been stretched a little thin and visible dips in quality are starting to show but not in a dramatic way. I am under the impression that this only started a few episodes ago but it might simply be that I’m not as interested in the story lately so I’m paying more attention to the visuals. This said, they still aren’t bad by any means, but I’m not as impressed as a was a few weeks ago.

I had some issues with Crunchyroll while watching Granbelm as such I couldn’t get that many good screencaps this week. This isn’t representative of the episode, there were more interesting images than this.

As you can wee, Granbelm continues to enjoy covering the entire screen in a bright colour overlay. I still really like the effect however it’s something we’ve seen a lot so far. I haven’t quite manage to add in my personal colour symbolism for these images. As far as I can tell, they are just meant to exaggerate the time of day.

I singled out this scene because the red water and purplish, blue silhouettes were very striking. I think it’s a nice and memorable composition. Once again, my image quality is not amazing.

To be honest, I just randomly split up the screencaps I got from the second half of the episode. Granbelm does take on character colours and this week was Anna. It works for me since I like red..

I do find that this specific macha design doesn’t look that great in still shots. It’s much better in movement. It’s a little too silly but at the same time not cartoonish enough for glamour shots.

Graanbelm ep7-2 (2)


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