The plot thickens by the end of episode 8 in The Case Files of Jeweler Richard. Relationships come to a head in what is arguably the most dramatic episode yet.

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Weirdly, even though I’m not a big jewel person and I find myself looking up gems featured in the Case Files of Jeweler Richard all the time. Ultra marines are kind of cool. I know that ultimately Seigi chose an aquamarine but I like the deeper colour better.

I really liked the exaggerated animation they used on depressed Seigi. It was just ridiculous enough to get across that the series itself though he was being a drama queen and to not take the situation too seriously. It was a nice little visual gag. Physical humour in animation is tricky and there’s this huge temptation to go rag-doll physics or super-deformed just cause you can, but a straightforward animation is really refreshing once in a while and I hadn’t seen one in a long time.

Once again, Richard and Seigi conversation are frame in perspective instead of centre front view. And now, we know why…

It isn’t the first time I notice. The city is really quite beautiful in the Case Files of Jeweler Richard, especially at night. It really makes me want to visit some day. On the other hand, Seigi’s apartment is particularly depressing. It takes skill to create such an uninviting space. And those are the worst curtains ever.

One of my favourite random things in anime is the speckled sunshine through leaves effect.  The episode gets extra points from me just for having it. To me, this invokes sunny summer afternoons way better that a bright open field.

Richard seems to have been quite the looker in his younger days so it’s unfortunate that we didn’t get to see much of him in the flash back at all. This depressed me so much that I don’t have anything else to say about these images.

No wait one thing. I like these bricks. These are extremely clean bricks. Does Richard pay a fortune for a daily exterior cleaner or something. And they’re quite dark too. On the other hand, that golden guardrail clashes and seems of limited purposes. They should take it off.

I have to admit blushing Seigi was really cute. I was sort of shocked when it came to light that the girl supposedly hadn’t figured it all out. Like I’m sure that even if you’ve never seen the show at all, that one screencap in the second row tells you exactly how the young man feels. That’s all you need to see.

Oh and this show is starting to get creepy with how much they focus of Richard’s thighs.. The man is not a piece of meat!

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  1. Those bricks aren’t really that clean. It’s just that they’re easier to render that way. The backgrounds are generally very smooth in that show.

    I do think the sun-speckled-through-leaves scene is the among the prettiest the show has ever been. I generally find the backgrounds to be dull, though.

    I, too, was quite surprised the girl didn’t get Seigi’s feelings. I mean, he’s incapable of subtlety.

    Also, at that point Homura will probably dissolve an engagement the moment he spots Seigi anywhere near him. It’s a sign.

    1. The backgrounds are super boring. I’ve mentioned it before. Only the wide shots of the city are pretty and some of the streets. Seigi is Homura’s unwitting nemesis. Like in the hitch hicker’s guide!

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