This may actually be the best tag for my purposes (my purposes being to put in the least possible amount of effort in all things, at all times…) As far as I can see its non-cumulative so I can just tell you another 7 things about myself (trust me, you don’t want to hear 21 things about me – I’m not entirely sure there IS 21 things about me…) and I don’t have to come up with any questions. Everybody WINS!

So first up, we have It’s an anime thing (once again remember the URL has changed) who I now realized has nominated me a lot. Thank you so much! Part of it is because this great blog get’s nominated all the time, I understand that and it really deserves it!

After that I got a tag from my friend OspreyshireThis was on his more personal/creative blog Ospreyshire’s Realm but he also does all sorts of movie/anime reviews over at Iridium Eye. If you haven’t had the pleasure yet you really should go. Osprey specializes in lesser known titles and classics that you won’t see elsewhere. It’s a great place to discover something unique.

Finally, the indeed very lovely and now 20! Keiko tagged me late last year. Keiko is currently conversing through the divisive Koi wa Ameagari no You ni with TPAB and this post series is absolutely absorbing. Even if you are not watching the show (like me) you really don’t want to miss the conversation.


Thank you so very much to all these lovely bloggers who were kind enough to stretch the definition of lovely to include me. I will do my best to live up to it!

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I will

I overshare pretty regularly so anyone who reads my blog even on a very occasional basis tends to know a lot about me already. And let’s face it, there’s nothing particularly salacious to reveal. Maybe I should just lie. No one would know right? Unfortunately, I’m not creative enough to come up with anything interesting so I might as well stick to the truth.

Image result for subaru insane re zero
too much information?

Here are 7 random things about me that I don’t think you know:

1 – I am the worst type of romantic (or possibly the best!)

You may have noticed that I rarely review romance animes and when I do I don’t tend to be particularly fond of them. As I’ve mentioned, I am not that impressed with mainstream media’s depiction of what is romantic. I myself am somewhat romance challenged at least on one end. I’m not patient enough to wait for presents so I tend to buy myself everything I want as soon as I figure out I want it and although I really do believe in it’s the thought that counts – the *thought* has to be there or else you’re just giving me the responsibility of pretending to appreciate some random trinket. I really don’t see the appeal in flowers, I’m super picky on jewelry, and chocolate will probably get regifted. I basically am an awful person to court and I feel bad for those who have tried.

In my defense, I love the flip side. I will hunt for months for the perfect gift for anyone that gives me even the slightest excuse to buy them something, I will remember all the little events that seem important to people around me, I will happily get up 2 hours earlier every single Monday to quietly bake and cook so my sweetie can have fresh made breakfast in bed to start off the week a little easier.

Basically, I would be fantastic with someone completely unlike me. Grass is always greener.

2 – I found out how to pronounce Gintama basically a week ago

Or more precisely during this podcast. Up until then I thought it was pronounced *Jin* Tama. This is supper reasonable folks. That’s how you pronounce Gin as in: Gin and Tonic…  

3- My interests are getting unsettlingly mundane…

 Some of you may know that I am currently taking part in the joint Winter Games with … For this little adventure, I am reviewing episodes of current season anime for the very first time. And that means, there are very few images available to go with the reviews, so I have also started to create my own screencaps!

Guys, this is so much fun. It’s a lot more fun on the Mac then on the PC. Either way though, it’s tons of fun. I enjoy much more than watching the actual episodes. This seems like a dad thing to say…

Image result for anime excited computer
awwww yeah! crazy night ahead!!!

 4 – I’m allergic to sulfamide (sulfonamide)

This isn’t a huge deal; the compound is mostly used in yellow fever medication and that hasn’t been a particularly prevalent problem in Canada. I just thought I’d let you guys know so if you ever need to tell a medical professional about my allergies, you’d know what to say….you know, when we go drinkin’ and stuff…

5- I have a dog named Buddy

 Ok so you may have known this one. I love my dog named Buddy and he loves me. We get along well. He looks like this:


6- The trait I find the most attractive in a person is happiness.

I have found that Happiness is a talent. It’s something that requires effort to come by and skill to recognize. There are some people who will have a though time seeing it even as they are clearly surrounded by it. On the other hand, you will have those that know exactly how to seek it out and make the most of it.

There are few things in the world that I find more captivating than someone with an easy and sincere smile.

 7 – I’m so pale I regularly get offered food by strangers in the street or on public transit.

 No joke or explanation here. I’m just that pale.

 And now the part you’ve all been waiting for. You would think that with this many posts in a row thanking my followers, it would get old but it really hasn’t. Not to me. You are all so lovely and I am more than happy to thank you. Of course you don’t have to play. We ll know you’re lovely anyways!

My loveliest of nominees:

  2. Thiago Margarida
  3. Syntasium
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  19. WanderingSoul
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  21. humbleace
  22. Rebel

 I am having a surprisingly good time writing these. I hope you guys aren’t getting fed up. We still have a few to go! Besides, you wouldn’t want to miss out on some of the amazing blogs I haven’t gotten the chance to thank yet!

Image result for anime stay tune
If this pic doesn’t get you to come back, I just don’t know what will…

34 thoughts

  1. Your dog is so cute!!!!! 😍😍😍
    Can’t believe people randomly offer you food! I wouldn’t know how to respond to that one hahaha 😂😂😂
    And I’m glad you’re enjoying the conversation on Koi wa Ameagari no You ni! It’s been really fun to talk about so far! 😊
    The coincidence of me turning 20 near when I nominated you and you having to nominate 20 people is quite funny 😂😂

  2. Congrats yet again… And well you can throw at me the minimum thing about yourself that I’ll be happy (you know… Just like a monkey) so for me you can continue posting award posts until your heart is content! XD

  3. Well….I’m not even going to say it anymore. (Crap… I just can’t do it….😢😢😢) Duh…ofcourse we are not getting tired of these. These posts are awesome, and it’s so much fun to learn more about you. Oversharing? What’s that…never heard of that.
    Was pretty much surprised to hear about that romantic thing. I agree with Chizure, your posts always spread so much warmth. Maybe you are more romantic than you might realise 😊😊
    Great post..and again…congratulations on these 😀😀

    1. RIGHT!!!??!!! It’s the way it should be pronouced. Sad thing is I watch that show – I really need to learn to pay attention….

  4. Congrats on the awards. I laughed when I saw the Gintama comment. That joke about gin and tonic was just too funny!

    Also, props for name dropping James Edgar Skye.

    1. Thanks – my ignorance is a bottomless well of enjoyment for all around me! As for the props – I’ll take it but really I just wanted to thank him!

  5. Congratulations! Your award posts are always a treat to read. 😊 And oversharing, how would that be a problem. Can’t see it. 🤗

  6. This was a good read.

    Thanks for the nomination! Not sure if I’ll be able to get out a post or not (as much as I’d like to; been a while since I’ve felt so tired that I could fall asleep standing up), but know that I appreciate the sentiment all the same.

  7. It wouldn’t be Irina without oversharing! 🙂 That’s why we keep coming back, haha.

    Taking screencaps is super-fun. I love getting the perfect shot for a game. It’s easy enough to do this in a cutscene; less easy to get a great shot of the game actually in motion! Fortunately with gaming you can kinda “cheat” by recording some video and then taking a still frame from it…

    What’s the anime with the girl playing the game on the computer that you screenshotted above? I vaguely recognise it as something I want to watch but haven’t got around to… but I can’t remember what it is.

      1. Ah yes! I did wonder if it was that, but I had a feeling there was another show involving “nerdy girl plays computer games” around at the moment. Perhaps I was mistaken.

        Either way, that’s on my To Watch list.

  8. Oversharing is always welcome.. and wow not romantic? Don’t worry you’re lovely as evidenced by this post. As for giving you an excuse … uhm my birthday’s coming up by the way (shameless) LOL
    Congrats! Hope you had a lovely day

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