As some of you may know, for over a year now I have dedicated weekends on this blog to episode reviews. It’s nice and chill. I don’t have to come up with an idea and usually comments don’t get too crazy. So, when I write and schedule posts throughout the week, I leave those two days blank. This is how I have all of January lined up and a bit of February as well, except for weekends.

And then the unthinkable happened! The season ended! How could they do this to me!!!! When I realized on Tuesday that I wouldn’t have anything for this weekend I went into cold sweats. This is a rather major exaggeration, but my brain did a lot of flips and acrobatics to try to come up with a good post somewhat fitting a new year’s theme and…nothing…. Fizzle pop, complete blank.


I even put it in soothing red letters for you!

Rini 2020 (11)

But then, I realized there was something I hadn’t done in a good long while. An “award” post! So I dug into my enormous backlog to find one of the oldest entries and it happens to be a tag I don’t remember seeing in a very long time. In February 2018 (yes 2018) Karandi nominated me for the Blogger Recognition Award and it’s pretty cool. It took me almost two years but I got there!

This is how this one goes:

 1.Say thanks to who nominated you and leave a link back to that person’s blog.

Thank you Karandi. This has once again reminded me how encouraging you are and what a great presence you are in our community. If there is one less than ideal thing about Karandi’s blog is that I never have the pleasure of introducing anyone to it because everyone already knows about 100 Word Anime. One day, I’ll just walk up to a random stranger on the street and show them the blog on my phone. There’s still a 50/50 chance they’ll go, oh yeah – I know Karandi, I’m already a follower…

2. Give the story or history of your blog.

I’m a little sad because my blog history is super boring. One day I’ll make up a tall tale I can be proud of but in the meantime, here’s the “meh” real version:

When I don’t have anything to fill my time with, I feel off. I was looking for something to do that was free but still interesting and potentially even “useful”. Because I needed to work on my writing skills and I love anime, I eventually decided an anime blog was the way to go. The point was to find a ritual I could do consistently and within a structure, which is why I keep to a pretty consistent schedule. This is also part of the reason for the drinking games, as my brain likes to pick up (or make up) patterns in anime and a drinking game was the first idea I had for incorporating those patterns into posts.

The title of my blog is a play on Tyrion’s quote “I drink and know things”, from Game of Thrones. Cause I’m just all sorts of cool.

Rini 2020 (3)

3. Give two or more pieces of advice for new bloggers.

There is a unique joy in creation that is delicate and subtle but also completely one of a kind. If you overwhelm yourself with stats or super ambitious goals, you may miss it and that would be a shame.

Everyone in the world knows at least one thing that you don’t, probably a lot more than one. If you want to become the smartest person in the world, you got you find out all those things!

I’m not good at advice, as you can tell. But I know it which is half the battle. This is why I asked my fellow bloggers this very question at one point and put it together in a post over on Karandi’s blog: The One Thing We Wish We Would Have Known When We First Started our Blogs – A Community Post.  You should probably read that instead, much more practical and useful!

4. Nominate 10 other bloggers and link their blogs.

First of all, there are hundreds of great anime blogs out there worthy of recognition. I will miss most of them. So, If I haven’t specifically named you but you would like to post on this tag, please go ahead. I think it’s a really fun tag and I would love to see it go around a bit in 2020.

I know that for some people, these nominations are more of a hassle so don’t feel obligated. I’m bad at choosing folks that actually want to do tags. That’s why I got a few extra blogs, just in case…

Rini 2020 (5)

Sheazar from I watched an AnimeSheazar from I watched an Anime

I actually discovered Sheazar while doing my discovery posts and since then, I watched an anime is a blog I can always count on for great content. If you aren’t following yet, you really should!

Yuu from Yuu’s Sanctuary

I’m pretty sure Yuu was around before I started so they can teach me a thing or two. Even if not, I could still learn a thing or two from this blog. If you’ve visited, you know what I mean!

Inksbane from In Search of Number Nine — An anime blog

That is such a great blog name isn’t it? The posts are just as great…maybe even better, You should go read them!

Pinkie from Pinkie’s PokemonPinkie from Pinkie’s Pokemon

Pinkie sure knows how to throw a party and if you’re not following this blog, you’re going to miss out on all the fun!

AK from Everything is bad for you

That blog title is just not true. For instance, AK’s blog is great for you and you should give it a read!

K from K at the Movies

K is a very good blogger. That sounds a bit plain as a description but some things simply don’t need adornments and this blog is such a thing. It’s great enough to shime all by itself.


Rogueotakugamer is not on WordPress which makes it a bit harder to discover (at least for me) but they seem to want to be part of the community and what better way to get to know them!

YumDeku from MyAnime2go

It’s sort of funny that I’m linking to another award Yum has received but I guess you can tell how popular YumDeku is! There’s a reason for that…

Neverarguewith a fish

Who was nominated by Karandi as well  (in 2018) but those drawings man, they’re amazing. Fish’s reviews are all so whimsical and just fun to read. Which is why I think this will be a great post if they choose to do it.

Dewbond from Shallow Dives in Anime

Dewbond and I have different tastes in anime and that’s amazing! I consistently find myself thinking over their posts or discovering something new. What more can you ask for?

Tiger from Tiger anime

Tiger is such a refreshing and positive presence, whether it’s interacting with the community or through their posts. They definitely deserve some recognition!

9 tail kitsune

A newcomer to our aniblogging community and I haven’t had a chance to hear this blog’s origin story yet so I’m really hoping they’ll do the tag…

Hopefully a few of these wonderful bloggers will answer so we can keep the tag going a little while longer…

Rini 2020 (10)


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  1. Starting the year off with a tag from Irina?? Could I have asked for a better start? Haha thanks for the award Irina! I specifically loved the way this award was titled. It makes any nominee feel loved. Alright time to punch some keys!

  2. Ah yeah, it’ll be nice to see this one do the rounds again. And if anyone can resist your new avi making puppy-dog eyes at them, they’re officially dead inside!

  3. Thanks for the nomination! Hopefully I can continue to live up to that high praise haha. I’m really horrible at writing these (I still haven’t completed a sunshine blogger post I began last year…), so I can only promise I’ll try.

    You’re a great writer and encouraging member in the community. Keep it up!

    1. No pressure! You get the recognition all the same (I’m also bad as you can clearly tell with my 2.5 year backlog…)

  4. I used wix to design my website instead of wordpress as i wasn’t aware about wordpress at the time i created the site.
    It took me about a week to design the site choose what layout i wanted to go with that suits me best and if you are looking for a way to search my site easily you just have to simply type rogueotakugamer on any search engine or type
    I appreciate the tag and for taking the time read my site i’m still learning the ropes as its now been about a year now since i’ve started it.

  5. Hey Irina, thanks for the tag! Great advice as well. I’ll get to following up on this as soon as I can. I have a reason for why I gave my blog that weird name, but I guess I can save it for the post.

  6. Sweet! Thank you for the tag.

    Actually the advice about not letting your stats suck your enjoyment away is good advice.

    Of course it’s also really hard to do.

    1. I mean I get it, we’re wired to give ourselves goals and seeng numbers gives us a little rush. There are so many huge industriesbasically built on this. Still sometimes it’s nice just to post for the ove of it

      1. I agree. A long time ago, I wanted to be an author, and someone posed the question, “Would you still do it if you never get published?” That’s what I think of when a post doesn’t do as well as I would have liked.

        I try to make that answer, “Yes.” Because I like thinking about this stuff.

        1. There you go! I try to reind myself tha when I started I was convinced no one wuld ever read anything I wrote and I still wanted to do it.

  7. Thank you for the tag! I was planning to do a series of all the tags I missed over my holiday absence and rebrand hiatus and this one can join the cue! It’s scary how well you timed this… maybe you really WERE at my party :O

  8. Thanks for the tag, Irina! 🙂 Going to work on it later today.
    I’m actually really surprised that you still have the energy to work on your blog consistently after working so much irl.. kudos to you!

    1. Woots! Can’t wait. I’ve been a pretty avid reader of yurblog so I’m looking forward to your advice

    1. Awww, thank you for this award. Sorry I’m just responding I didn’t get the notification for this. I’m not that popular 🙈

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