Oh no, the show ran out of budget! Haha sorry Irina, you’re probably going to have to be good cop this week. If you thought I was kranky last week, I’m about to get hella mean! I will not shy away that I feel this is one of the worse, if not the worst final […]

Gaining Traction or Tractor? Otherside Picnic Finale — K at the Movies

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  1. This show . I was really liking up until the end , and then I was just let down . I wanted more suspense , I was hoping for an X-files/ Steins Gate style Yuri , instead we have a lost shot with the tractor 🚜🤣😂 Well I’ve read from a few message boards that light novels are indeed better than the show . Definitely goes more into the horror and romance aspects better . Maybe I’ll check them out . Good review by the way ✨

  2. I have to say, a tobacco harverster is one heck of a drunken impulse purchase. (Heading over to read, now.)

    1. And back from reading.

      I have to know: “We’ll meet again…” a Dr. Strangelove reference and invitation to nuke the show, or did the soldiers just inspire a Very Lynn reference? Hm…

      I actually low-key enjoyed the show. It was a slight disappointment, to be sure, but the disappointment hit really early, so by now it’s just fun when it’s fun, and a bit dull when it’s not. I’m getting the impression we have very similar reactions to the show. I mean Kozakura’s my easy fave, too.

      And finally, “Thanks, the girls.” Sorao: that sounds like some idol group or something? Is this a rare case of the Japanese character being better at English than the native speakers? Has the US army made a troop from foreign-looking Japanese natives who speak no English (like Olivia from Asobi Asobase)? Maybe they dumped them on the Otherside on purpose, when they figured out their plan was too embarrassing to work?That’s sort of my head canon now.

      1. I think my experience was similar to yours. I can see the flaws in the show but I wasn’t expecting anything else so it was fine for me.

        I like your headcanon for the soldiers.

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